Zombie of the month: Immune by Jacqueline Druga

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I received this book for free from AudioBook Reviewer in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Zombie of the month: Immune by Jacqueline DrugaImmune by Druga Jacqueline
on January 1st 1970
Narrator: Lee Alan
Length: 6 hrs and 24 mins
Genres: Apocalyptic, Horror, zombie
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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Nature is unpredictable, as are viruses; when one so volatile surfaces with a vengeance, there is little time to comprehend the devastation and even less time to do anything about it.

In the wake of the virus, there are three types of people: those immediately infected, those who are vulnerable, and those who are immune.

The initial infection ripples across the globe infecting half of the world's population. A small fraction of the ill are fortunate and die quickly from the disease. The remainder are condemned to a living death on earth.

The virus turns the infected into mindless and violent beings, intent on the kill and spreading the infection to those who are not immune.

One bite, one scratch.

The virus is an anomaly. It moves too quickly for a cure.

The world quickly transforms into a darkened place, besieged with violence and sickness. Hope against extinction is in the hands of the immune. They can walk freely among the infected and fight to extinguish them, while protecting those who are still at risk.

Archaeologist Grace Howard is one of the immune. While she dreams of traveling the world, learning about lost civilizations, the reality of being a wife and mother kept her saddled to a local job at the museum dusting dinosaur bones and relics.

Grace finds herself with a small group of survivors, some immune, some not. Together, they must struggle to live day to day in a dangerous world, while protecting those who can still fall prey to the infected. They must decide what is best - fight it out or hide until eventually and hopefully, the virus runs its course.

horror monday

Talking about all the bumps in the night, the things that creep and crawl, and scare the daylights out of us!

Today, I’m once again talking about zombies.

Discussion: What are your thoughts on alternate endings? Should authors just commit?

In Immune there are three alternate endings. Each one more gruesome than the last. There is one in particular that was so gruesome that I wanted to turn off my audio. Jacqueline Druga does not pull any punches that is for sure.

But this got me thinking, why have an alternate ending? Was the most gruesome ending one that she originally wanted but maybe thought her readers could not handle it? The first ending was not that bad, bad enough but nothing like the alternate. But, even so, I would have went with it, grudgingly, but I would have. She is an awesome writer and knowing those thoughts that are running through her brain scare me no matter which ending she chooses. I’m still picking up her next book!

So, I guess the alternate endings do not really phase me. But, it reminds me of those choose your own adventure books that were popular in like the 80’s. The reader gets to choose which version of the book they like best. Obviously this would not work in a sequel either.

My thoughts

This is my third zombie book this week. I have been able to read and listen to quite a few horrors and I was a little worried that picking up Jacqueline Druga as third in my week would effect my feeling of the book. I am also a fan of Jacqueline! She always pulls out all the stops, so I was also concerned that my bar would be set too high and she would not be able to reach it.

Both worries were put to rest early on in the book. This audio was absolutely fantastic. It does not say on Audible, but I believe there is a full cast! It’s amazing. The noises and music that was added into the story, wind up adding to the depth of all that is going on. It also helps to ratchet up the anxiety! As soon as the music starts getting creepy I just knew something was going to happen.

The story has a lot in it also. The music was not needed with the narration. The voices were able to pick up on every nuance of energy and terror, and even the calm moments. Although there are few.

It starts and there are quite a few characters to get to know and many characters die off early on. There is even a moment in a plane. I can only imagine how horrific that would be! Jacqueline makes it even easier to imagine.

Soon, people are starting to realize that they are immune. For whatever reason the zombies (ragers) do not try to eat certain people. There was a theory about why but most were not able to figure it out. Even though some are immune, they are obviously not immune to dying, so getting in the way of the zombies is still not a great idea.

Grace is the most prominent figure of the story. Most of the plot lines converge around hers. She goes through a LOT in this. And it is horrifying every step of the way. There is one ending, the overly gruesome one, where she would not be able to go through anything more horrific because the horror has definitely hit it’s peak!

The characters surrounding hers kept her alive for the most part but Grace did have a good head on her shoulders. She made good decisions and tried hard to stay safe.

I cannot choose between the endings, but I definitely suggest reading all of them and then choosing for yourself. This is one extremely good zombie story that I am very pleased with.

No, the bar was not set too high!



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