Zombie Mondays: 2:9 Triggerfinger

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Show Review: 2:9 Triggerfinger

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

This episode starts with Lori stuck in her vehicle, zombies threatening to get in and eat her. Note to self: Never keep your eyes off the road, even in a zombiepocalypse! Apparently that just wasn’t a great idea! Thankfully she was smart enough to bring a gun with her. And after dealing with all of that, she gets home safely and has to deal with Shane’s BS. Ughhh… that guy just gets on more nerves more and more. As if living in this new world where your life is always on the line, she has to deal with him pushing her all the time! Telling her that all of their feelings were real when she’s trying to deal with her husband. Is she denying her feelings for him because Rick is alive? Probably, but that’s her way of coping. Not that I’m saying it’s right, but damn…

And then we have the mess at the bar. One extra kid with them that is definitely going to have a bum leg!

My favorite part of this episode is the look on Rick’s face at the end. Ooohhhh!!! Gave me chills!

Food for thought:

What would you do if you were Lori? Run and get Rick and Hershel or let the boy deal with him and believe they will bring him home?

I really think she put herself into a precarious situation and in this world it’s good to remember that you are never safe. It’s time to wake up girl!

Next week! 2:10 18 Miles Out


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