Zombie Mondays: 2:8 Nebraska

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Show Review: 2:8 Nebraska

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

To add insult to injury, as if killing all the walkers in the barn wasn’t enough, this episode starts with Hershel’s wife not actually being dead and Andrea had to put a pick into the back of her head!! Ohhh, boy. my opinion of Shane went back and forth every episode until he killed Otis. And when he killed the walkers in the barn, my opinion of him was solidified. I don’t know what it is about him, I know how he turns out in the comics but I was hoping that maybe he had more good than bad. Apparently I was wrong!

But that’s what makes Shane such an interesting character, you never quite know what he is going to do! He thinks that killing those walkers, and Otis, is a way to save Lori and Carl. And that is his choice above everything, no matter what it takes, he wants them to be safe. He will do anything, kill anyone, to keep them and the baby Lori is carrying, safe.

I think that is what worries Lori the most. She can see Carl turning into a smaller version of Shane (figuratively, not literally). Will Carl be as cold hearted as Shane? As a mother, I know I would be terrified of a world that could do that much damage to someone’s psyche, let alone a child’s!!

And then poor Hershel has holed himself in a tavern. Now, I can’t say I’m adverse to having a drink now and again, but is this the wise thing to do? Maybe he just needed some time. But the things he says to Rick really show that he is hurting deep down. And it is about more than just his wife’s death.

Food for thought:

What happens in the tavern makes you think. Was what Rick did right? Did he have any other choices? What do you think of Shane?

Next week! 2:9 TriggerFinger


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