Zombie Mondays: 2:11 Judge, Jury, Executioner

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Show Review: 2:11 Judge, Jury, Executioner

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

My favorite line from this is from Dale:

The world we knew is gone. Keeping our humanity? That’s a choice.

The beginning of this starts with Darryl beating the crap out of this kid to find out more about his camp. Sadly, what Darryl finds out makes the kid look really bad, even if by association. And then Shane going off about how everything is

Tell you what though, Carl definitely has a creepiness when he’s watching this kid in the barn. He’s just watching him, with a really eerie look. No telling what he was going to do until Shane “saved” him. But it was surely an interesting scene.

Carl is my favorite character so far. You can see his growth. The changes and questions he has about life. When he tells Carol that there isn’t a heaven my mouth dropped open. Not because I believe or do not believe but he’s so young to vehemently not believe. But with what he’s been through, who wouldn’t question everything. Including heaven and God.

Another of my favorite quotes is when Rick is coming down on Carl:

“Don’t talk, think. It’s a good rule of thumb for life. ”

“Mom always wants you to talk more.”

“Don’t change the subject.”

Only kids would think about this stuff in the middle of everything they are going through! I love it.

This episode is fully about humanity. Keeping your humanity even in the most horrible of times. Even Herschel doesn’t want to deal with the idea of whether or not the kid is being killed. And back once again to Carl. How to teach him about humanity when all of this is going on? Especially when killing zombies is a normal thing.

And the best quote, or maybe next best since I love them all:

“No man is good enough for your little girl. Until one is.”

Food for thought:

Watching your group going through so much, would you side with Dale and agree that your humanity is more important when your safety could be on the line?

Next week! 2:12 Better Angels



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