Zombie Mondays: 2:10 18 Miles Out

May 26, 2013 Blog, Guilty Pleasures 0

Genres: Young Adult

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Show Review: 2:10 18 Miles Out

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

Ohhhh!!! This one starts so good. They’re letting the kid go close to a school and zombies are chasing everyone. Shane is caught in a bus with tons of zombies at his back! Heart started palpitating the instant this one started!

And we go back to the beginning and Rick wants to talk to Shane. Watching these two reminds me of seeing two alpha male dogs fighting over territory. What’s worse is they were friends until all of this.

Then Shane starts opening up, and that’s what I love about his character. He does have compassion.

I’ve said it a thousand times probably, but it’s so true, that’s what I love about this. The drama is so much more than the zombies. The zombies add in why they have to have all of this going on, but the zombies are truly just a back story.

And then in the middle of the zombiepocalypse, let’s have a full out brawl… I would laugh if it wasn’t just so sad!! Ok, I admit, the second time I saw this I did laugh. I mean come on!! And when Shane picks up the wrench and then shatters the window, I just had to sigh. All hell is about to break loose because of you two idiots.

Food for thought:

What would you do with this kid? Especially after he says he knows Maggie.

Next week! 2:11 Judge, Jury, Executioner


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