Zombie Mondays: 1:3 Tell it to the Frogs

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Show Review: 1:3 Tell it to the Frogs

***Please do not read if you have not seen the show! There will be spoilers!!***

Whew!!! Ok, if you didn’t think that Guts was enough drama, then this one might do it for you. Less zombies, more personal action but still LOTS of drama to go around for everyone!

We get to see Daryl, who is not in the comic at all, and get to see how strong he is from the get go. He’s a wonderful character and adds a lot of dimension to the show. Sadly he’s pissed at everyone for leaving his brother handcuffed and alone so we don’t get to see the Daryl that is so amazing, quite yet. Right now, he’s pissed and ready to kill someone. Fortunately he takes most of that aggression out on zombies.

There is also the fact that Rick is now back with his family. Ohhh what’s a guy to do? Apparently go beat up another guy, as Shane does to Ed. Although I have to say, I think Ed has it coming, what a jerk! It’s interesting already how the dynamic of the group will work out. Especially now that the Sheriff is in town!

Comic Review:

This part of the comic is also interesting. We get to know more about Lori and Rick and how they met. Again, not a lot of zombies but enough to keep things in perspective but it seems that the relationship between Lori and Rick is much better in the comic at this point.

They also find out, the hard way, that you have to hit the zombies in the head for them to die. And we see Shane watching Lori and Rick from the shadows… “enter scary movie music” duh duh duh!!!

Next week! 1:4 Vatos



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