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GRE quest

Starting with the Vocab portion this week. What I am reading most is that learning each word to 100% capacity is a waste of valuable time. What they recommend is to remember the basic meaning of the word and the synonyms that match that word.

For instance, I use the word intense a lot. I read a lot of books that are intense, so it makes sense! The problem is that I can never come up with another word so I am sure my reviews seem much the same from one zombie book to the next. Using the word intense, the dictionary says:

noun, plural intensities.
1. the quality or condition of being intense.

2. great energy, strength, concentration, vehemence, etc., as of activity, thought, or feeling:

He went at the job with great intensity.
3. a high or extreme degree, as of cold or heat.
4. the degree or extent to which something is intense.

5. a high degree of emotional excitement; depth of feeling:

The poem lacked intensity and left me unmoved.
6. the strength or sharpness of a color due especially to its degree of freedom from admixture with its complementary color.
7. Physics. magnitude, as of energy or a force per unit of area, volume, time, etc.

While this full definition is marvelous, all I really need to know is that intensity means depth of feeling.

Some synonyms are:

Anxiety, concentration, depth, earnest, emotion, energy, excitement, ferocity, fervor, fury, magnitude, power, severity, strength, tension, vigor, acuteness, ardor, deepness, emphasis, excess, extremes, extremity, fanaticism, ferments, ferociousness, fervency, fierceness, fire, force, forcefulness, keenness, might, nervousness, potency, sharpness, strain, tenseness, vehemence, violence, volume, weightlessness, wildness, high pitch

Most of these I already know, but the ones that I really like are in blue. Most of these words I already know. Acuteness and ardor are two that are just out of my comfort zone. I would maybe know what they meant but I would feel better if I looked them up. Those would be the two that I focus on for the week.



notable vocab
Acuteness: Sharp, severe, crucial, critical
Syn: persipicacious
Ardor: great warmth of feeling, passion
Syn: oomph, verve
From the GRE study book:
(I’m studying the blue in particular)
Anomaly: Deviation from what is common
Syn: Aberration, abnormality, departure, eccentricity, exception, incongruity, peculiarity, unorthodox, unconformity
Assuage: To make milder, relieve, ease
Syn: allay, alleviate, appease, mitigate, mollify, placate, sate, satisfy, temper,conciliate, palliate, propitiate, surfeit,
Enigma: Inexplicable occurrence
Syn: conundrum, crux, polysemy, tergiversation
Equivocal: Dubious, suspicious
Syn: vague, tenebrous, oblique, enigmatic
Erudite: Learned, scholarly
Syn: cultivated, scholastic, pedantic, au courant
Fervid: Heated, enthusiastic
Syn: ardent, impassioned, eager
Lucid: Clear perception, transparent
Syn: apprehensible, limpid, pellucid
Opaque: Not transparent, dull
Syn: fuliginous, nubilous, turbid
Placate: To appease or pacify
Syn: Assuage
Precipitate: Rush headlong, or prematurely
Syn: impetuous, refractory, subitaneous
Prodigal: Giving profusely, recklessly
Syn: profligate, wanton, intemperate
Zeal: Eager desire
Syn: alacrity, avidity

What new words have you come across this week?


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