Vampire Makeup!

October 8, 2017 Crafts, Fall Crafts 2

More halloween looks, just in case you haven’t chosen your look yet! It’s not too late!

Today is all about vampires. This entire week is going to be about vampires. The looks, the books, the movies that I love, and some that I do not love so much!

Vampire makeup is interesting because it is basically makeup, just jazzed up to a level that we do not normally use. And darkened. A LOT. Vampires are also a lot of fun because they can be ramped up to a super sexy level or taken to a dark, horrorific level. YOU get to choose which vamp you like!

I love this first look. The lips are amazing and look relatively easy to do. Super dark on top. You could even go matte, which I LOVE. Even the makeup looks simple, almost a cat like eye but again, gorgeous.

This is another simple one. The contact thing bothers me since I wear glasses and the effect would be lost, but the rest of this is super simple and effortless. Just go dark, dark, dark!

Found this gorgeous picture on a sight that talked about relationships and the pain they can cause! That will make anyone want to turn into a vampire. Even if just so you can suck the life out of the idiot that broke your heart! The makeup, again looks easy enough. A bit sparkly maybe for some, but for night time events, the sparkle may be smart! It’s not as crazy as the others, except the red look. I love it!

I don’t have long nails, and I do not like fake, even for halloween, so I love the idea of interesting but subtle nail work.

Change the color on these nails and you can get any look you’re going for!

And another tutorial for makeup. Love this look!



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