Ugly Feelings

April 11, 2012 Dark, Poetry 2

by Lilly Baxley

Sometimes I can’t explain what my heart years to scream

Seemingly happy then anger rises and steams

I don’t know how to say I love you

I don’t know how to tell you to go away

I need to be alone

but I want you to stay

I wish I could make it clear

I wish my heart and mind could agree

Maybe it is only that I fear

You may get hurt if you stay with me.

About Lilly Baxley

Stage manager, theater lover, artist in various forms. poetry writer and wannabe killer of zombies! (Michonne in the making)

2 Responses to “Ugly Feelings”

  1. LiesLikePoetry

    I know these feelings. Its the battle that runs though my head.
    Last Posted: “I was so angry I threw the table across the room”