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by Christina Torretta

I’m torn

torn between who I really am and who you want me to be, I mourn

the loss of her, for so long I listened to you, baffling

when we met you thought I was callous, strange, too vociferous for your liking

I changed myself in so many ways, wanting you to love me

now I’m being torn apart, my true nature screaming to just let her be

will you love me knowing who I am

you don’t like tattoos so I haven’t gotten one, what’s with this program

don’t like cursing so I’ve curbed my tongue

want me to stay at home to cook and clean, oh how fun

so around my demon, I put up walls

to keep her locked away,  so your eyeballs she will not maul

but now she is screaming to be let out, it’s her due

why can’t you see that she is a huge part of me, she could love you

everything that makes me strong, that makes me who I am

can’t you please just try to understand?

About Christina Torretta

Bohemian with a dark side. Lover of horror and serenity!

Currently studying psychology and plan to get my PhD to become a Neuropsychologist. Clinical and Cognitive studies are my goal.

Until then I am reading horror of all kinds (ZOMBIES!!) and the odd romance, cause why not?!


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