Top Ten Tuesday! Thankful for Authors!

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted at The Broke and the Bookish featuring her love of all things, lists!

Since I’m also a fan of lists, especially top tens I thought I’d play along!

If you like lists you should play too!

Today’s topic:

November 20: Top Ten Books/Authors I’m Thankful For

  1. Jean M. Auel: It’s no secret that I loved her a long time ago and she got me through some very dark years! I’m still so glad that she was an author that I found at such a young age. Ayla has been my favorite heroine since I was twelve and that will probably never change.
  2. Terry Pratchett: THE author of authors. This guy can put a smile on my face on even the dreariest of days!
  3. Stephen King: Maybe everyone out there loves him but I really have spent hours upon hours reading his stuff. It’s just damn good!
  4. Anne Rice: She re-immortalized vampires. Her writing can be a bit wordy but she made vampires sexy. She also introduced me to my first erotica!
  5. Clive Barker: Before I read Stephen King, there was Clive Barker. A man who introduced me to blood, and lots of it! I still love gore in books!
  6. Nora Roberts: The first author I read for romance. I never knew I would enjoy it as much as I do!
  7. Sherrilyn Kenyon: I mean Paranormal AND romance!!!? Does it get any better? I think not!
  8. Lillian Jackson Brawn: The Cat Who books are books I haven’t picked up in a while! And it’s a really sad thing too because these are amazing!
  9. Carolyn Keene: Before Lillian Jackson Brawn, there was Nancy Drew! The best mysteries ever written. I had NEARLY every book. I spent years collecting them and I loved every one. I may have to go back and reread this series and see if it still does what it used to for me. 😀
  10. And last but certainly not least, all of the fabulous authors that have allowed me to review their books and even better when I can do an author interview with them. Yes this is cheating but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to! 😉

What top 10 authors are you thankful for?

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