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November 17, 2015 Guilty Pleasures, Top Ten Tuesday 0

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 Nov 17:

 Top Ten Quotes I Loved From Books I Read In The Past Year Or So

The first thing this post is teaching me is that I do not share quotes as much as I should! I remember books from a year ago and I KNOW that I wanted to quote them, however, when I check the reviews… I got nothing!

That’s definitely going to change! I can tell which books really hit me because I’ll have multiple highlights. The Martian, especially, had so many highlights that I could do a full day, Top Ten highlights in The Martian! Instead, I will share  some other highlights from VARIOUS books ! Enjoy…

spending Scary Dead Things
  • Scary Dead Things by Rick Gualtieri – “The trip was a 20 plus hour nightmare of transfers starting at LaGuardia or as I like to think of it “Satan’s Airport” and ending in Beijing. However, I needn’t have worried about being stuck in the middle row between two fatties or next to a screaming kid for the entire trip. No because I was luggage. Did I say luggage? No. Luggage would be too kind.”
Holier than thou
  • Holier Than Thou by Rick Gualtieri -“You do realize that there are these things called condoms right? And you are supposed to put them on your dick not use them as rubber finger puppets.” Ed snorted and began to choke on his beer. I clapped him on the back until he got it under control. “Ow, watch it.” he protested.“Sorry. Sometimes I forget my own strength.”“Seriously Tom, you were using protection, right?” Ed asked.


“What the fuck do you mean well?”

“I thought… you know. Maybe she had some kind of magical birth control.”

There was a moment of silence where Ed and I absorbed this declaration of brilliance.

“My god you are a fucking idiot.”

  • Swerve by Vicki Petterson- “I know what haunts me and what keeps me looking forward, but unless I leave this bathroom, I’ll never find out what’s driving him.”
The guilty one
  • The Guilty One by Sophie Littlefield- “Life was funny that way, how you could mold your path to a truth even before you knew it to be true. If you were brave. If bravery was the word for it. People sabotaged themselves all the time, when they weren’t ready to face things. But sometimes they also created circumstances that forced the changes they weren’t ready to make deliberately.”
Summer Champagne
  • Summer Champagne by Jennifer Gracen – “Combine smart with emotional baggage, though? And you get overly cautious, and an over-analyzer.”

“Are you guys getting drunk at a five-year-old’s birthday party?” Lydia teased. “Is there any other way to get through one?” Tyler joked back.

The Martian

The last three are from the Marian. This book!!! So, so freaking good. ”



  •  Things are finally going my way. In fact, things are going great. I have a chance to live after all.  Log entry: sol 37: I AM FUCKED AND I’M GOING TO DIE!”
  • “Well, my math is a fucking liar.”
  • “Dammit, Jim, I’m a botanist, not a chemist!”




What were your favorite quotes for this year?

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