Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I liked That Were In Disliked Books

April 3, 2018 Top Ten Tuesday 13

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April 3: Characters I liked That Were In Non-Favorite/Disliked Books

This is a hard question for me. The first book that popped into my head was California, though, which made the answers come a little faster. I’m sure there are many characters that I have forgot about because I hated the book so much.



This is a book that I absolutely did not like, at all. The characters drove me crazy as well, but I did remember liking Cal. I think a part of who he was was the only reason I wanted to continue reading this one. That and it was for a book club. I had to force myself to finish this, had I picked it up from the library, there is no way I would have completed it. But, the characterization was there. Although a bit strange because the two main characters continue to withhold information and lie to each other, but if I remember correctly, Cal was my favorite part of this. If I can even say favorite in a book I dreaded.


Here’s another that I pretty much had to force myself to read. I did start it knowing that it was out of my comfort zone, so unlike California, I wanted to give it a chance. Mainly to get out of my reading box. Alyssa is the main character and while she’s not perfect and does get on my nerves, I felt like she was doing great with what she had to endure. She’s interesting and stuck out, even while the story drove me nuts!


Look at this gorgeous cover! I loved the beginning of the story, and the premise was intriguing but as the story continues it just gets old and depressing. The wife was remarkable and refused to give up on the idea that her husband had died. Unfortunately for her, there is a virtual world where she can see him every day. This just created a horrible circle for her. She was constantly going into the virtual world and then once she left she would once again have to accept the fact that he wasn’t with her. Sort of like the Mirror of Erised but the plot didn’t move on. I liked her characterization but the book wound up being depressing!

Quite Contrary

This is another where the premise and idea of the story was bigger than the story. Mary is young and has to deal with trying to survive in an unkind world, and I loved her enthusiasm and intelligence! But, the story didn’t match the characterization. Also, again, this is a fairy tale retelling, which are not my favorite genre, AT ALL. She falls into different fairy tales but there wasn’t really a reason as to why or how. It just sort of happens. It was a major plot flaw that really frustrated me and made me dislike the story even more than I had with it being a retelling. Mary stood out and that was a good thing, but even she couldn’t make this story great, sadly.

The Snowman

I have to give the author some credit here. I loved the main character, Harry Hole, but sadly I picked this one up for my family’s book club and didn’t realize there was a lot of background story with it. I enjoy the origin of a person, so this really threw me off for the rest of the book. I do intend to go back and get the entire series, especially since this really seems like it would be up my alley, but for the first reading, it did not go well. Harry Hole seems very interesting though!

Pain in the Tuchis

As a cozy mystery I figured this would be right up my alley! The characters in this are adorable! Sadly, however, the plot didn’t even get started until nearly 20% in, and there are a lot of words that are not in English. Some of the words like Tuchis, I knew, but there were many that I had to translate before being able to move forward. The women trying to solve the crime were amazing, though. Stubborn and hilarious! I absolutely loved them, but the slow plot and translation difficulties made this a miss for me.


I wanted to love this book, I really did. I’m so sad that I didn’t. This is like not enjoying a Stephen King book (see next entry). I grew up on the story of Dracula, which I think may have led to my dislike of the book. I also watched the movie prior to reading the book, and it’s one of the ONLY movies that I think is better than the book. The characters are amazing, however. Even as I thought the plot was a bit slow, I loved the characters and the understanding of how crazy this would be for them.

Salem’s Lot

I know being a Stephen King fan is not going to mean that I love ALL of his work. Even still, like Dracula, it hurts my heart a little to know that there is a Stephen King book that doesn’t hit all my horror spots! He’s so great at scaring the daylights out of me that when it fails to happen I’m left feeling bereft. Of course that’s when I pick up another Stephen King book and enjoy! This one had especially great characters and they were all willing to die for each other. In a tight nit community you would hope that’s how your neighbors would act, especially while trying to protect the children.


This is another book where the characterization was there but the plot fell apart. I love the characters and I love the cover! Sadly, as I’m thinking about this one, I am realizing that the characters were good, but they did still leave me with many questions. Katie is intelligent and is able to put things together that her classmates have no clue about. But, this ability to see beyond what others can see also gets her into trouble. What frustrated me about her, but also kept me reading, was her stubbornness. It was also a major downside to her character and to the plot. But I did really like her.

Interview with a Vampire Chronicles

Ok, Interview was amazing. I loved the story line and characters but as the plot progresses and we go from story to story, something happens. I’m not sure exactly what but I got bored. I want to re-read them and see if that’ll change from years ago to today, but I stopped reading the Chronicles because it got old. Maybe it was the idea of the same characters asking the same questions, or the fact that it seemed like Lestat never moved forward, and he was a bit of an ass. I love Anne Rice’s Witch Chronicles but the Vampire Chronicles just didn’t work for me as well.

What characters have stayed with you through books you didn’t like?



13 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I liked That Were In Disliked Books”

  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    I found Interview With a Vampire slow but admit I read it relatively young. I’ve always wanted to give it another go. I didn’t mind Salem’s Lot and STILL want to name a pup Barlow – but Mr. Barb doesn’t like it. I like the cover of Quite Contrary so I’m sorry it didn’t work better for you.

      • Christina

        Ah! That’s good to know. Have you read the series? I forgot to ask my sister-in-law if she saw the movie since she loved the book. But, she also was a fan of the series. So, she may be biased!

  2. Shayna

    It’s really hard when you grow up loving a story or a movie and try reading the book sometimes – especially for classics. I feel similarly about Wuthering Heights. When I finally read it, it was a bit of a disappointment, and I felt like it translated much better on screen (I’m a huge fan of the 1992 version with Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche).

    • Christina

      Funnily, I am wanting to read Wuthering Heights soon. I have a beautiful copy of it. Sounds like I need to read the book prior to watching the movie. I love your TTT! I completely forget Umbridge. How could I forget her!? She’s the worst person ever. I also agree with the Mechanicals. They didn’t add much to the play and wound up annoying me as well.

    • Christina

      Good thinking! I think quite a few bloggers flipped it! Smart. Especially since a lot of times I won’t like a book because I disliked the characters. It took me a while, that’s for sure.

  3. Rissi @ Finding Wonderland

    I’ve had “Splintered” on my bookshelf for a while now. The longer it takes me to read it, the less enthused I am about reading it. But who knows! I may still give it a chance. 🙂

    Happy Top Ten Tuesday.

    • Christina

      I wanted to like Splintered. I even read the next two books. Suffered through every word. I may re-read them. I’m still hoping maybe I just had a book attitude!

    • Christina

      Maybe that’s what I hated about it. It’s been such a long time, all I remember is my nerves being grated! I absolutely hate love triangles. And I was just about to re-read this. Maybe I’ll put it off.

  4. chucklesthescot

    I wasn’t a fan of Dracula either…it was too slow and descriptive for my personal tastes. I did like Salems Lot though. With Stephen King writing so many books, it’s impossible to love every one, I agree with you there!

    • Christina

      Considering he’s written so many, I think the average is probably above most writers. I can pick up most of his books and know I’m going to enjoy the journey! Which is fantastic. Also, many of them I read when I was younger, and those stuck with me. I think if I read Salem’s Lot when I was younger, it would have resonated more. I’m so glad you enjoyed it though!

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