Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Loved but Will Never Re-read

April 10, 2018 Top Ten Tuesday 7

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April 10: Books I Loved but Will Never Re-Read (submitted by Brandyn @ Goingforgoldilocks)

Oh my goodness. I could probably just count up 10 that I loved this year alone! But, I’m going to go back to books that I’ve read over the years. This is going to be an easy list though because I read a ton and feel like I can never re-read even the books that I want to re-read.

A Illicit Engagement

I love Cecilia Gray’s books! They are easy to read and the characters and plot never refuse to just suck me into the story. I devour them! Even though they are mostly pretty short, I just don’t see myself taking the time to revisit them. There are many, which is the main factor, but each of her books are also a little bit similar. I love when she comes out with a new book, but I just don’t see myself going backwards with these.


Interview with a Vampire Chronicles

I liked these books years ago but I don’t see myself re-reading them. I know the story thoroughly and have some issues with the later books. Because of those issues I have put aside my love for vampires. At least the Anne Rice kind. They’re lovely but at least for a while, they won’t be on my TBR.

Lisey’s Story

And another fabulous author that I probably will not re-read often is Stephen King. This book in particular is on here because, although I loved it, it is long. Many of his stories are, which is why I like to save my precious reading time for material that is new! I know his older stories and although I love them, I also know that his new stories are probably just as good. I still haven’t gotten to Cell, Sleeping Beauties, or Under the Dome! So, many of his older ones are on the back burner.

This Dark Earth

I still have this book, and actually just unpacked it and put it into a prominent spot in my guest room, but I will sadly, probably never re-read. Much like the others on this list, it’s a bit longer and while fascinating and able to hold my attention, there just isn’t enough time to re-read the ones we love and have time for the newer stories. Also, this one is about zombies, and while I love the zombie books and plots, it is starting to get old. I never thought I would say that, but I’m done with zombies for a little while. Even The Walking Dead isn’t doing it for me anymore. This was an exceptional read and a great story that kept me entertained, but again, just no time for all these re-reads!


While I enjoyed this book, it is intense! I was surprised to see that I read this in 2012 because I was definitely working on some personal growth, and maybe that is why this hit me so hard. Because it hit me so hard it has stuck with me, but it has also created a space that realizes that I do not want to read books that are this hard hitting, psychologically. Re-reading this would just bring up old hurts and remind me of all the stuff that I’ve put behind me. I’d much rather just move along and realize that I enjoyed this book and leave it at that!

This Is Where It Ends

And speaking of emotional punch, this one is so close to what people are going through right now, that it’s frightening. I love some psychological thrillers and to read about serial killers, but there is always a moment where I realize that this has actual happened and I can no longer suspend my disbelief. In those moments the books are no longer entertainment, but portals to our own horrific world. Because I mostly read for the fun of it, I do like to read books like this, but not often and not over and over again. I just don’t want to put myself through that kind of misery! This was good, but it’s a lot.

13 Reasons Why

Much like This is Where it Ends, 13 Reasons Why had a similar response from me. I still want to watch the show on Netflix but I imagine it’s going to be a harsh story. Entertaining, sure, but the harshness behind these types of books, movies, and shows, again make them a little harder for me to swallow. Sometimes I enjoy the idea that they are bringing forth so much emotion, like watching This is Us. But, sometimes, just some times there is another response that realizes the world is a dark and horrible place and that’s when depression sets in! So, I thoroughly enjoyed this and the take that the author had with the different pov’s (which I thought was amazing) but a re-read? Nah, I’m not going there. I’ll have to seriously think about the show.

Grim Reaper: End of Days

With the name like Grim Reaper, you would think it would be just as depressing as the last two, but nope. This book was amazing. Much like This Dark Earth, but with an apocalypse at the hands of individuals instead of zombies. Fantastic, fast read. Phenomenal story telling and I can still see the story when I think about it. Like a movie being projected in my head. I don’t need to re-read this one, even though I read it years ago, because it is still fresh in my memory! This is another that has a special place in the horror section in my house. Needless to say, I’m probably the only one that is going to read or re-read those books!

Whispers in Autumn

I absolutely loved this series. This is another that I read years ago and it has definitely stuck with me. I don’t fully remember the plot because I ate this up! I read book after book after book without hesitation. The characters were in depth and this was scary enough that I didn’t want to stop reading. Sadly there is a book four out and I think I would have to re-read to remember the full story enough to move forward and as much as I loved this, I just don’t think I want to. What I remember of the ending was great and I liked it where it was.

Everything You Want Me to Be

This was a great psychological thriller! But, the way the story was done, it was almost like 13 Reasons Why or This is Where it Ends. There is a depressing quality, that while it is amazing makes it harder to re-read than some other books. I’m glad I read it the first time, and I loved the twist at the end, but once was good enough for me!

What books did you love that you will never re-read? Are there reasons or is time the major factor?



7 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Loved but Will Never Re-read”

  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    I loved reading all your explanations. I like Rice’s witches and werewolves much better than I ever did her vampires. I would love for you to read Under the Dome just to see your thoughts. I read it and LOVED it, despite its length, except for the ending. I DESPISED the ending and can’t imagine why he came up with it. I never read 13 Reasons Why but did watch the Netflix show. I thought it was good yet disturbing and could see why it created such an uproar, especially with parents of teens. But then my theory is – watch it with them…you are their parents right?
    I’m really over The Walking Dead too. I still watch it because my husband still loves it but I secretly wish they would cancel it. Just have Carol and Daryl ride off into the sunset together and I’d be happy.

  2. Jennifer | Book Den

    I totally need to reread Interview with the Vampire again. 🙂 I will probably reread This Dark Earth because I think I would enjoy it more reading it a second time. I was in a funky book place the first time I read it, and I don’t think I gave it a fair shot at the time. I just got a copy of Lisey’s Story so I’m hoping to finally read it for the first time.

    • Christina

      Oh, I hope you like Lisey’s Story. It’s perfectly Stephen King. Odd and real, but also completely fantastical! It had a great psychological thriller vibe. Can’t wait to see what you think!

  3. Greg

    Some books do hit too close to home, so I get what you mean about books like This Is Where It ends. And 13 reasons Why I haven’t read but I did see the show on Netflix – I thought it was fairly well done and raised some serious issues that kids here were talking about (it was a big topic of conversation in the high school).

    • Christina

      Everyone is saying the show is good. I need to just suck it up and watch at least one episode and see what I think. So glad it’s causing conversation. That’s what these intense books should do! The book was well done and I do recommend if you were thinking of reading. Curious if the show is better or like most book adaptations, the book is better. If I watch it, I’ll let you know!

  4. chucklesthescot

    I love to re-read favourites as I get warm fuzzies when I do! I just don’t get much time to do it these days with all those unread books waiting for me.

    • Christina

      I’m currently talking myself into re-reading Harry Potter. I can’t wait. Especially with the game coming out the end of April. It’s so hard to go back to a book that I read so long ago though. I think there’s a nostalgia that isn’t quite tangible. Of course with Harry Potter it’ll probably be even better the second time around.

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