Top Ten Tuesday: Book to Movie Differences that Drive Me Nuts

April 17, 2018 Top Ten Tuesday 8

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April 17: Book to Movie Differences that Drive Me Nuts

I love to read. That’s why I blog, to share that love and passion of books with other fabulous nerds like myself! That said, I also enjoy movies. It’s the movies that are based around a book that drive me crazy. Especially when they skip over important details or change something thoroughly! The book is the concept that is in my head and the movie is not going to change that. So, here are my Top Ten Book to Movie differences that drive me nuts!

Note: There are some spoilers below!

I’m going to talk about the absolutely worse offensive to the least offensive. This list definitely runs the gamut. From the worse to ok, I can live with that.

  1. Dumbledore screaming at Harry Potter. I’ve seen so many memes on this one, so I can’t be alone here. It already kills me that Richard Harris is no longer Dumbledore, but then we get a screaming guy that is mean, and even frustrated with Harry when it’s obvious that it’s not Harry’s fault? Go home you imposter!
  2. The ending of Twilight’s Breaking Dawn, Part 2. First of all, they made us wait for a second movie, while adding in all sorts of unnecessary plot devices, that were easily explained in the movie, by the way. Then the completely change the fight (or the lack of one). COMPLETELY. I get this is film and we want to be more entertained, but I actually like Twilight and thought the story was decent. They didn’t need to add in a full fight scene.
  3. The Fault in Our Stars plot about Gus’s illness. They ignored his entire illness and went from I’m sick to I’m dead! Hazel was able to see his decline, and helped him through it. This decline also let the reader understand fully what they were both enduring, while still sticking by each other. Excruciating but amazing.
  4. Alien’s facehuggers and room. The Face huggers (aww they’re so sweet) were completely different in the book, and the room they were in was apart of the Derelict. While this isn’t a huge problem, it makes for easier filming, I’m sure, it was still a major difference. The Facehuggers had eyes! That would have made them even creepier!
  5. Dracula. I talk about Dracula a lot because I was so disappointed with the book. But as a twist to this list, I’m going to say that I wish the book would have been more like the movie. The reason Mina Harker falls for Dracula makes more sense in the movie, and is elaborated on through many different scenes! It’s plausible for the viewer and allows a suspension of disbelief because the viewer also knows how much she loves her fiance.
  6. Frankenstein was very different in the book. In the story Frankenstein is often shown as the monster instead of Frankstein’s monster. It is obvious that Frankenstein did not care for the creature, or what the lack of love would do for him. The movie shows none of this.
  7. The ending to The Great Gatsby. Gatsby dies in the movie, thinking that Daisy finally called to say she would be leaving Tom for Gatsby. I actually like both versions. I see why they added that little bit of hope, but in the book, it is clear that he died while waiting for her to call. Talk about sad!
  8. Stephen King’s It sex scene. Ok, I get why they left this out but I think Stephen King had an important reason for creating this scene in the first place. They all connected, so they would stay connected. It’s an integral part of the story.
  9. The Hobbit! Basically the entire second and third movies! I know some of what was added was in the Silmarillion, which I have not read, but after reading The Hobbit, I was wondering what in the world the movie would even have. I honestly loved the movies but if I were more of a purist, this would be annoying! I can only imagine how the purists felt.
  10. A Clockwork Orange – the entire movie was a bit different. While I didn’t love the book, the feeling I got from the book and the feeling I got from the movie, was completely different. The last chapter was also purposefully left out.



Are there any book to movie differences that drive you nuts?



8 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Book to Movie Differences that Drive Me Nuts”

  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    You point out some very good points. Like you, I don’t understand why the need to change things so much, especially when time is not of the issue. I also agree about the IT scene. Very good TTT freebie topic!

    • Christina

      I loved this one! There are probably more, but these were off the top of my head. And the ones that frustrated me. There are so many adaptations that get it right. But those that get it wrong, really get it wrong!

    • Christina

      You know! I read book one and I thought it sounded different but I haven’t seen the movie yet. Maybe I shouldn’t. I hate when they change that much and don’t even carry on. Oh! They did that to the zombie movie too. Oh dear, I forget the name. The book was so good and then they butchered the ending, making it impossible to do a sequel. Can’t think of the book name. I’ll be back at 3 am when I finally remember it!

  2. Ichabod Temperance

    Oh, I have one, and it might get me in trouble.
    ‘The Lord of the Rings’
    I am happy, glad and overjoyed that Tom Bombadil was left out. Good riddance!
    There is another, huge difference that kills the trilogy for me and no-one else seems to mind.
    A troop of elves does not come marching up to help at Helm’s Deep in the books as they did in the movie. What the Heck? There is no explanation, just, ‘Oh, hi there, we were walking past your Kingdom and decided to drop by and help you fight this army of orcs of which no-one knows.’. There is no way to explain this.
    In the books, a huge army of elves does show up in the final battle because Mordor is going apesh!t, yet in the movies, the elves are no-where to be seen. It’s just the miraculous Legolas being a one man elf army. bleck.

    Sorry, I bet everyone hates me now. 🙁

    • Christina

      My hubby and I were just talking about this! No, I completely agree. If it doesn’t make sense, leave it out! I do love that the elves help in the movie, but that was without knowing they didn’t in the book. I would have been disappointed by that as well. Besides, when Gandalf comes charging in with Eomer and the Rider’s of Rohan. THAT was the epic moment. I hoped that happened in the book. I really need to read these!

  3. chucklesthescot

    Don’t get me started on The Order of the Phoenix film! Leaving out the true evil of the old toad including her attack on Hagrid and Minerva really annoyed me, as did having Cho as the betrayer. The death of Sirius in the film was poorly done too. The way the Goblet of Fire destroyed the cool maze scene from the book by doing nothing of interest with it in the film.

    • Christina

      I haven’t read this in so long, I completely forgot! This just makes it more obvious that I really need to re-read the books. I gave them away, because I’m nuts, apparently. I may talk the hubster into getting me that new gorgeous set with the black and white covers. I just briefly looked at them, and that was enough to love them!

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