Top Ten Instant Book Turn Offs

April 25, 2017 Guilty Pleasures, Top Ten Tuesday 0

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April 25:  Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

I don’t have many, really. I will try to read just about anything but there are a few things that get annoying really fast.

    1. Too many words. Sounds weird right? When there is just blocks and blocks and blocks of text I tend to zone out. I need space and interaction. I love when characters are talking back and forth.

2. When all the characters have the same voice. If I cannot discern when a different character is chiming in because everyone talks and acts the same, there’s a problem! I need to be able to tell them apart.

3. Too much description. I don’t want to know about something that doesn’t have to do with the plot of the book

4. Going along with 3 and 4, when there are too many characters that I can’t keep straight. Dean Koontz and Stephen King are great about organizing their characters in such a way that I remember them, at least vaguely, when I go on to another chapter. 13 characters in one chapter may be too much, unless they are just background characters that are there for a picnic or some family get together that makes sense to the plot and I won’t have to worry about remember every one.

5. When the information is given out like a study manual. Oh look, I get to learn about architecture, something I’m not interested in overly, while reading a romance. Lucky me!

6. Plots have to be a bit different. If I can’t get the last zombie book out of my mind because yours is the exact same zombie book, then I will probably get bored fast. Or just think of the other book, and if the writing is better that means I’ll compare the two, which normally doesn’t end well for the second book. Unless we’re talking Mira Grant. That gal can is a great writer!

7. I don’t have many tropes that annoy me but I don’t like to read about cheating. If it works with the plot, then I may roll with it, especially if the characters are worth it. And I actually just read a book, The Best of Adam Sharp, that sort of had cheating in it. The plot was very different and it worked. I wound up loving it.

8. I hate when I feel like I’m reading something written for a child. I read a LOT of YA but I love it when the authors add in some seriously good vocabulary. I want to highlight words that are new to me. I know when I read something that is YA or meant for a child that the vocab is going to be different. The audience is different. But, when I’m reading a romance that is specifically for adults, please write for your audience of adults like we are actually all adults. I get someone wanting to say ho ha in place of vagina but when there’s too much of this type of thing, I just want to put the book down.

9. Much like tropes, I don’t have many genres that I hate but there are two that get on my nerves and I cannot seem to read through. Fairy-tale retellings is one. I do not like fairy-tales. I love romance so I’m not sure why fairy-tales are an issue, but they are. I’ve tried to read multiple and I always want to gouge my eyes out. I have not read Alice in Zombieland (YET) so I am hoping that will break my fairy-tale curse!

10. And the second genre is anything having to do with military or espionage. If these words are in the synopsis I may skip the book entirely.

What are your instant turn offs?



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