The Sharing of Life

March 9, 2014 Blog, Guilty Pleasures 2

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I’ve been finding a lot of great recipes and music lately. I post to facebook or pinterest but does it have to stop there? I have so much that I like to share with the world, so I thought… why not just do it!? Be like Nike! Just DO IT!

So… once a week you will find things that I’ve found or learned throughout that week but to make things easier and to make it to where you can share your findings also, there will be prompts for each week! Feel free to follow the prompts or not follow the prompts, the idea is to have fun and share about your experiences!







I LOVE music. I listen to music nearly every minute of the day. I have an alarm to wake me up and listen while I read, cook, exercise, even paint. Lately I’ve been listening to this Pop Indie Station the hubby and I put together on Pandora. It has a bit of rock in it but it’s mostly Bastille and artists like them. The hubster has also added in some of his older music because it fits perfectly. But finding new music is really tough! So when we hear a song on a tv show or on the radio I instantly Shazam that baby to see what it is.

A few days ago we were watching The Following and heard Stand by Me in this almost eerie tone. Totally different. It was crazy and gave me chills and that is what I MUST share with you today. Not sure what I think about the rest of the album yet, but this song is an amazing remake. Almost new really!

Here’s KI Theory with Stand by Me… Hope you like:

Want to join in? Share what you’ve learned about life!

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2 Responses to “The Sharing of Life”

  1. Annie

    This is definitely a really interesting remake. It took me a while to recognise the song. 🙂 I’ve never come across Pandora before, but I love the idea of creating my own station!
    Annie recently posted…Affirmation: My Year of WritingMy Profile