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August 10, 2014 Sunday Post 4

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So! My hubby has a wonderful opportunity which is great but means a lot of traveling. I’m excited for him but this puts some stress on my puppy life.

See.. we have a situation with the landlord’s dog. He is a German Shepherd and runs amok on the farm. Their farm is acres and acres AND ACRES so while they work he runs around. We have actually even seen Seico (the GS) out in town about five miles away.

While Seico is a great dog when he’s not around Bruno, once he and Bruno get together all hell breaks out!!! Sadly, since this started about a year and a half ago I have stopped walking Bruno. The hubster comes home from work every lunch to walk him and he walks him in the morning and at night. Seico comes over every once and a while and I am way too worried (and honestly scared) to have something happen when the hubby isn’t home.

He’s not going to be home for a month!!!

We are renting and the cost of a fence is huge. The landlords have been discussing putting in a fence for us and just charging but my question to you wonderful (and smart) people is …

Is there another way!!?? Or… do you have any suggestions!? 😉

And I mean ANY suggestions that will make this situation easier? I love my silly pups and I hate to see them hurt and poor Bruno has received MANY scars because of Seico. Geez… just typing about this is going to make me go into conniptions… so, yes, any tips, suggestions.. anything is helpful!!

Thanks guys!

Oh and have a great week reading!




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4 Responses to “Sunday Post!”

  1. Rita @ My Home of Books

    I have several dogs, have always had dogs and cats and they are family to us.

    It is the right of the landlords to allow their dog free range since it is their property and if it was stated when you signed the lease, but NOT right to allow your dog to be beat up and scarred from their dog!

    I would seriously ask them to have certain periods of time that they could restrain their dog so you can let yours out. I know fences are extremely expensive and the landlords will probably want to add the cost to your rent. How about this: can you use a credit card and go to a feed store or pet store and get one of those free-standing metal collapsible pens that you stake to the ground. It will give your dog a chance to relieve himself and stretch his legs a little outside–granted, not the same as taking a walk but a safer alternative. They’re not cheap but I think you can get one for a hundred or so.

    Sorry I didn’t discuss your books, but you touched a nerve with your dog story; I feel your landlords are just being plain discourteous!
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    • Christina

      Thank you so much Rita! I actually did have the thought last night to ask them to keep Seico penned at certain times. Seico has also proven to get out of his pen on multiple occasions. He’s like a houdini so I think they’ve pretty much given up on penning him but I can always ask! He really is a good pup and they are good people but this situation has caused some drama, to say the least! And my hubby has had to get stitches in one really bad fight. Both pups are really strong so anything to keep them apart will keep me happy!

      I’m going to look up the pen idea also! I feel bad that the poor guy cannot get outside more and this may just be what we need! Thank you again!

  2. Red Iza

    Penning Seico at certain times is certainly a good idea, but it seems they’ll have to reinforce the lock ! I don’t have much more advice because I only have cats and never faced that situation. Isn’t there someone who could be looked up for mediation – it’s the case in France but I don’t know about your country. These people always come up with solutions that we couldn’t think about because they are used to this kind of situations. Good luck, anyway, I hope you won’t be feeling too anxious during this month *hugs*
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    • Christina

      Seico is definitely stubborn! Before we got Bruno he would come over every morning like clockwork to play with my other pups. When we went walking he would even join us! We decided to try Rita’s idea. The only thing I’m worried about is the pen not being able to deal with two big dogs but the owner’s live very close so I would still have time to call them if a problem arose. (I hope!!) Thank you so much for the kind thoughts!

      We have feral kitties as well. They never cause a problem! Except when it’s feeding time and I haven’t taken their food out. They let me know straight away!