Sunday Post! Into Feb We Go!

February 4, 2018 Blog 8

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Six more weeks of winter!

You can’t even trust ground hogs any more. I begged this little guy not to see his shadow. I mean, do whatever it takes. Close your damn eyes!

On a separate note, aren’t these guys adorable all jazzed up in their outfits. I also bet Punxsutawny Phil is pretty spoiled. Although, it does seem like the guys were egging Phil on to say another six weeks of winter. Something is fishy here!

Oh, maybe that’s just his dinner.

Also, I still don’t understand Dilly Dilly. Can someone please explain this?


Since we’ve moved to Louisiana, I’m not much of a Football watcher. My team is the Tampa Bay Bucs. I miss watching their games! But, I do love the Super Bowl. Hopefully it’s a great game, but more importantly, I cannot wait for the commercials! Last year seemed a bit ho hum to me, so I’m waiting with bated breath!

Also, I went a little food crazy. We found some sales and bought wings, stuffed mushrooms, and we’re going to make nachos. And it’s just me and the hubby. We should have lunch for tomorrow!

On the reading front, I feel like this week didn’t even happen. I did get to one of my Terry Pratchett’s and a cozy mystery that has been on my Netgalley shelf for a few months, and I finally read Farenheit 451 for the classic challenge. I also purchased or borrowed a lot of books! But that’s it! I even had the week off of work, due to my darling Bruno dancing on my desk and smashing my laptop… This pup. He’s 100 pounds of pure scardey cat! Hubby and I were out grocery shopping and Bruno decided to check for us upstairs and the office wasn’t closed. He doesn’t do well with storms when we ARE HOME, so I can only imagine how he felt being alone. Fortunately, I work at Amazon and they replaced the laptop with no cost from me. <3 <3 <3

Reading plans:

For the last three weeks I’ve been wanting to get to The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz. I also have The Cruel Prince right next to my reading area as well. My library books, Persuasion and Hamlet are due by the 7th, so I may try to squeeze those two in after work!

Books I purchased or received through Netgalley:

BoxerMommyReads said that Unsub by Meg Gardiner gave her nightmares. I immediately purchased this baby! I can’t wait to read it.

Netgalley. Guys… I can’t even talk about my Netgalley percentage. But when I request a book and they accept and send me said pretty book! I’m in love with this process! I need help. These four are just for the fabulous Puppy Love Challenge (link below!!).


Then there’s the ones that sound thrilling!

We’ll just pretend that my TBR isn’t growing by the minute.



Coming up in February!

Bloggiesta Winter Mini is happening Feb 3rd and 4th! This is a great time to get onto the blog and do some work! If you can’t get to it for the Feb weekend, they’re having another week long one: Spring Week Long Bloggiesta: March 19-25.

Puppy Love Reading Challenge! Have you guys seen all the cozy mysteries with pups on the covers? This cute challenge is going to be adorable!

Read at least one book which: has a dog (or cat) on the cover or features a dog (or cat) in it.


Are you reading for another six weeks of winter?

8 Responses to “Sunday Post! Into Feb We Go!”

  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    I grabbed Baby Teeth too – I couldn’t resist. I also have 3 out of those 4 cozy mysteries. I just finished a book called Smoke City for a blog tour Thursday and was surprised how I liked it. It’s very character-driven though and it’s a good think I enjoy that. I really hope you liked UNSUB but I think you will.

    My husband made enough food for the Super Bowl to feed an army and yes, it was just us and the pups. Leftovers for days I tell ya! Our teams didn’t make it either but we cheered on the Eagles because Cass is fascinated with birds. It must have did the trick because I think everyone thought the Pats would win. I was totally disappointed by the commercials this year – where were the dogs? and the Budweiser horses! The commercials during the Puppy Bowl were much better.

    • Christina

      I didn’t get to see the Puppy Bowl! I wonder if it’ll be on Youtube? I need to check! I was watching the Budweiser commercial and thinking the exact same thing. They’ve given us Clydesdale’s for years and now they think they can just take them back?! I did enjoy our food too, although all the pups were watching how much we ate. They’re horrible beggars! I’m glad you had fun! It’s such a fun game to watch. Especially since I love competition! And since I saw Invincible, I’ve been a bit of an Eagles fan. They’re not my Tampa Bay boys, but I do love an underdog!

      If I have nightmares with Unsub, you’ll be the first to know 😀 so exciting!

    • Christina

      I just had to buy it after I read that it gave nightmares! I should have checked Overdrive! So smart. My library is pretty small, so I’m just getting back to getting there and checking to see what they have. I’ll have to double check Overdrive next time. I think I’ll open this baby up today! YAY! I hope we both like it. 😀

    • Christina

      <3 It only took me six years to figure it out. Also, new follower for yours as well. I'm so excited that more horror lovers are finding my blog, and vise versa! We have to stick together! Are you on Goodreads? You posted a horror book called Paperbacks from Hell and I'm dying (hahahah pun not intended) to read it!

    • Christina

      That’s so good to hear! I can’t wait to pick this one up. I told my hubby I wanted it for Valentine’s. <3 Just friended you on Goodreads!