Sunday Post: Vacation!

May 12, 2013 Sunday Post 0

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Away for June!

The rest of May and June I’m going to be on a vacation of sorts. Driving up to Massachusetts to get my daughter up to her internship. 20 hour drive!! Then back down to watch my niece and nephew for a few weeks. So, technically not vacation, but it’ll be nice to see the family since I only get to seem them once a year.

Most of my posts will be set ahead of time but I will be checking my email periodically.

I also will not be taking anymore Author Requests until August. So, unless the review can wait until August. Not really taking a hiatus but trying to catch up before I take on anymore requests. I’m getting behind and with vacation I’m sure that will only make me more behind. July is going to be catch up moth for sure!!

Hope everyone has a great June! I will restart my Sunday posts when I’m back 😀

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