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September 13, 2015 Sunday Post 1

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Hello fabulous people!!

Really excited because I finally was able to visit my sis! Her kids are getting so big and living so far away makes it difficult to have a relationship. Somehow we make it work but I still miss them when I’m away! Once a year just isn’t enough for visits!

This year is exceptionally exciting because they just moved to Cali. I’ve been here two weeks and I’m getting used to the fun that is California. It is gorgeous! We’ve already gone hiking, mountain biking, went to the beach, and are going to Disneyland next weekend!

The downside is that I only get two weeks, plus blogging while on vacation is more difficult than when not, obviously. But, I’m not complaining cause I love these guys and love the time I get with them. Even when they are whining! Which is a lot lately! But I love them to bits!

Definitely have more sushi dates planned, probably going to the zoo today, more beaches to chill out on (or warm up on cause whew it is hot!). So much fun. I’ll have to squeeze in the reading time.

Oh!! And I got Emma reading The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett. Sooooo freaking excited. My goal is to get her addicted. She’s a bit too young yet for Harry Potter but soon! SOON!!!

Have a great week! Or 3 if I’m awol again. I’ll be at the beach 😀

sushi with jbeanie boo


flip flop

Emma at the beach

Me and the babies

How was your week?




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