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April 8, 2018 Blog 10

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Is anyone else doing this A to Z challenge? I’m excited because it’s making me write more than I normally do, but it is a little stressful!

My biggest problem is the few letters that are crazy. They’re probably crazy for everyone though. I currently have all letters figured out except U and X. **Update, got everything figured out! There’s a movie called XX that saved me!** Surprisingly I found a book that started with Quarterly! YAY! And while some posts are strictly what I would think of as horror, they all rise the heartbeat more than the average drama would. Some of these have also really made me think. Even days after reading or watching them! Those are the plots that I like the most.

Although, if there’s some serial killer and I’m thinking about him hiding in my closet while I’m trying to go to sleep… that’s not so much fun. Which is partly what happened the other night after I watched Gerald’s Game. There was a figure in the movie that kept showing up at night and of course she told herself it was just the trick of the light. Well, when you’re trying to go to sleep and the closet doors are open, of COURSE your mind is going to jump to that part of the movie. I mean, why not? I’m just trying to go to sleep, nothing important.

Then there’s Blog Ahead. I love this challenge! A few times a year Anna from Herding Cats and Burning Soup will host the Blog Ahead Challenge. This is basically a challenge to create more posts than you had when you started. This one is two weeks this time and I’m working to get five posts scheduled, each day, until the challenge is over. I did so well! This is the first time I’ve been able to accomplish all of these posts. I did count when a post was posted as well, so some days I had to do 6 or 7 posts to stay ahead. Oh… it was killer, but fantastic. It’s the first time I’ve felt really great. BUT still, gotta finish up my A to Z then I’ll feel fabulous.

You would think the A to Z and Blog Ahead go together perfectly! What I’m finding is that the time I need to read or watch movies, I’m blogging instead. So I’m just now on F (writing this as of Wednesday) and F is due Friday! **edit, and now I’m on J and J is for Tuesday, still a bit behind**Ack! And most of my A to Z is about horror books. I think I need to change it up a little and add more movies in there. Horror is horror, right? Sadly, or not sadly in this case, I have a lot of great books on this list, so unless I get way behind, I think I’m going to keep plugging along!


Speaking of horror, I’ve been loving reading and watching all things horror this month. I’m thinking of switching back to adding in a weekly horror review. It won’t start until May, maybe even June so I can get prepared, but there are so many more books and movies that I could add to this challenge that I could do two challenges! Well, with the exception of letters like X.

I’m still thinking about it, but I loved doing this before, so I might add it back in. Either way, there’s going to be more horror on the blog, because I missed it!


I’m so happy to say that Reba is fitting in wonderfully! With a house full of pups it’s a concern that all of them will get along. Especially since we have two that cannot even look at each other without fighting (that’s a process that I want to blog about soon, so stressful!). Fortunately, Reba is doing great though and even follows me to work every morning!

We’ve taken her on a couple of short walks, and although we’re trying to start slow, she power walked the entire thing. It was only a little over a mile, but she’s seven so we didn’t want to push her little legs. She was in front the whole time! Only at the end did she start to look like she was getting tired. But that’s also the time when they all want to stop and pee on every freaking piece of grass. There must be more dogs living around the end of our walk than the beginning. Whatever it is, it slows us down dramatically.

Cooking has also been a lot of fun this week. We tried an easy version of Beef Wellington, which came out wonderfully! And had Carrot Cake for dessert. We weren’t even celebrating anything, just having a great evening. The carrot cake… guys!!! The icing is so easy. It’s just cream cheese with honey. I’m going to make this for bagels. Add some walnuts and viola! Yummy, halfway healthy (maybe, maybe not), delicious breakfast! And easy too!

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April 1 and end at 11:59 pm on April 30.
April 1 – April 30
This has been fun! I’m already thinking of next year’s theme!
April 28

How has your week been?

10 Responses to “Sunday Post: Spring Reading Challenges”

    • Christina

      Isn’t puppyland amazing!? Well, except for when we forget to open the door and they create a mess. Not their fault. Not that that would ever happen here…

  1. Barb ( boxermommyreads) @ Booker T's Farm

    So awesome Reba is getting along fine. Last February, my 2 babies got in a fight while we were at work. Talk about traumatized. Booker T needed 20 stitches and we contemplated getting rid of Cass but I knew I never could. We did get him fixed which helped. I don’t know how you do it. I would love to see a monthly horror post but you probably guessed that huh?

    • Christina

      It is traumatizing! Our Pit Bull got into it with the farm dog, which is why we wound up getting a fence. That was five years ago now. I think Bruno may have a little bit of doggie ptsd. He gets really protective when a new dog comes around. But this gal runs circles around everyone! Right now we have a two fences separating the dogs that don’t get along. It’s unfortunately but Monty has to stay out while we train them both. We’re slowing moving the fences closer and we’re training them together. I have my hopes up that we’ll get them playing in a year or so. Such slow progress!

      And yes, I knew you wouldn’t mind the horror posts! I’m enjoying it! Missing having a reason to read my horror books!

  2. chucklesthescot

    I’m still tired and congested after my flu and it’s taking ages to get back into a normal routine. I am at least back blogging which is a start but I still don’t want to read! Gah! I’m enjoying your A-Z challenge-I just wish I’d remembered it was starting and taken part in it!

    • Christina

      I really hope you’re feeling better soon. Enjoy the reading break. Sometimes we need it and don’t even realize! As for A to Z, I’m having so much fun, that I really think I’m going to start next year’s. I know it sounds crazy but I’ve been super stressed about it. Might as well while I’m having fun and it’s on my mind. Maybe when you’re feeling better you can do that. In the meantime, rest! Enjoy the time off. Drink some honey lemon tea!

  3. herding cats

    Oh my gosh. She’s so adorable!

    I’m A to Zing, too, but just doing a weekly recap with them. I was lazy this year. lol I’m so glad Blog Ahead was a success this time around! That’s some awesome posting! There will be another mini one starting end of May, I believe 🙂

    • Christina

      She really is! But, she needs to have someone around constantly, so I have to allow her up with me to work. So far she doesn’t bark, but if I leave her downstairs, she’ll full on HOWL! Poor thing. Blog Ahead helped me with A to Z! Omg, Blog Ahead helps me with everything. I got my discussions done for the YEAR! I’m so flipping excited. Wound up with 80 posts all together. The end of it though, I really had to fight to keep it up. I think it was the first time I was able to keep with it. Can’t wait for the mini blog ahead, but that one I’m not doing near the work I did this time! Whew!

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