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April 15, 2018 Blog 6

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Horror Challenge!

I touched on this a bit in last week’s Sunday post. I am loving all the horror I’m reading and watching. I think since we’ve bought this house, which was March of 2017, I was shying a little away from horror because my imagination gets the best of me. I haven’t even tried to sleep upstairs yet. I mean, why would I, but really, why would I tempt whatever is lurking up there? Not really into that whole temptation thing!

I did use my mother-in-law and dad as guinea pigs. Both slept up there at random times and neither have been killed. So I think it’s safe. But it’s also better to be safe than sorry!

With all the horror I’ve read recently, I’m sure I’m not going to sleep up there any time soon. Funnily enough, the water heater does make an eerie sound, that sounds very much like the sound you hear before the ghosts (or spirits, demons) whatever those things are in Paranormal activity, attack. Which just leads my imagination to further believe that something weird is going on up there.

When I’m up by myself, especially late at night, I pretend like I don’t even know what my brain is talking about. Weird sounds from Paranormal Activity? I’m not thinking of that. I don’t even know what you’re talking about brain, JUST IN CASE ghosts can read minds, because I’m not a ghost. I don’t know these things!

Obviously, reading horror is adding to my imagination. This may or may not be a good thing. I’m enjoying myself, and I think that’s what matters. At least when I’m not up at 3am and thinking about the last movie/book that I watched/read. Which of course happens all the time because my brain hates me!


Moving fences!


The two silly mutts that hate each other are separated by two fences that started at a gap of about ten feet. They couldn’t see each other without yelling up a storm, running up and down the fence, and basically letting the entire neighborhood know that they were never going to accept each other.

Friday, I moved one of the fences closer, so now the gap is down to four feet. These two stubborn pups have been doing so well that hubster and I decided to start closing the gap more frequently. We were slowly closing it, inches at a time. The last two moves have been a foot each!

I took Bruno out to see the changes, and he just looked at Monty and just went about his business! I don’t think they even noticed the difference.

We’ve been training them with cheese, and each time they look at each other, we give them a little square bit. Every once in a while they still bark, but it’s getting a lot better. I think Bruno meeting Reba has also helped quite a bit. He’s very sheltered after getting into those fights with the farm dog. We have a huge back yard so he doesn’t have to meet anyone else. And after Charlie (the random pup that just entered our yard) came by, I think Bruno is starting to understand that not all pups are jerks.

It’s still a work in progress. When they do fight, at least we have two fences in between, but it is agonizingly stressful to watch. I’m just so glad something is working and I’m hoping within the year they should be able to be around each other, without anything in between, without fighting. That’s my goal!



Library Haul!

I didn’t get much, but I did have to grab books for both U and Y. I’ve been having trouble finding those letters! Fortunately, I found a cozy mystery, You Slay Me and I’m hoping The Unseen will work for me. I’m not entirely impressed with the synopsis, AND it sounds like another psychological thriller, so I may wind up taking that back if I can find something else.

I did get The Turn of the Screw, which will add a classic to my list! I think adding a gothic horror will help to fill out the month nicely! Just three books and I’m done with the challenge!

It has been more and less challenging than I imagined. More so due to my reading habits. I want to read psychological thrillers for everything. There are enough out there that I may have been able to do an A to Z challenge just with those. But, I like the horror aspect of keeping the horror genre, but adding in a new theme every day. I’m enjoying the challenge so much, that I am tempted to work on next year’s challenge already. I’m thinking a Disney challenge would be delightful, and help me change it up a bit considering this was ALL horror!

To shake things up, I also got So, Anyway by John Cleese. I cannot explain just how excited I am with this one. I’m sure it’s going to be filled with hilarity, and with all this horror, I think I could use a few laughs.

Did you join the challenge? How are you doing? What did you love/hate about it? Has it been harder or easier than you expected?

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This has been fun! I’m already thinking of next year’s theme!
April 28

How has your week been? Did you read any great books?

6 Responses to “Sunday Post: Horror, horror, and more horror!”

  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    I’m so glad the pups are getting along better. As I shared before, the incident with Booker T and Cass was very stressful so I know some of what you are experiencing. Even though it was a one-time thing, there was blood everywhere and Booker needed 20 stitches so it was a long ordeal. Are both of your dogs fixed? The vet recommended it for Cass and it did seem to help.

    I am loving all of your horror posts and can’t wait to see more. Is your house old? Is that why the upstairs stuff? Ours was built in 1900 and sometimes those noises are crazy. We once found what appeared to be human remains in the wall. In hindsight, they were probably not human but it was still freaky and your imagination does tend to go wild. I made my husband put them back!

    Hope you have a wonderful week and bring on the horror! I’ve read You Slay Me years and years ago and found it quite funny.

    • Christina

      When we adopted Monty, he was just fixed. Literally the week before or so. Afterwards, the vet said that the testosterone can stay in their bodies for a month afterward, of course. So, while they both are, Bruno gets very upset when he meets a new pup. Or so it would seem. It may be a size thing. The two are both on the larger side. But I’m way too scared to introduce Bruno to any other pups to find out! But, the fencing is working. So we’re getting there! Slowly.

      And, no the house isn’t old at all! They did have a creepy mirror that was set into the wall that faced the door to what is now my office. Hubster took that down straight away! There is another mirror covering a small entrance to a storage area, that also freaks me out. But, no, it’s really new! I think it’s younger than I am! I’m just a nut with an imagination that doesn’t like me. I can’t imagine finding bones though. Even just animal bones, oh yeah. My brain just absorbs all that and regurgitates it at night.

      I was debating the cozy mystery for horror but I’m behind on that challenge! I’ve only read one this year! Ack.

    • Christina

      Thank you! I’m not even sure how we came up with it. But it is working wonderfully and gives me the stability and security, while keeping them apart. I’ll have to get a picture of it because I’m sure it sounds weird. Works beautifully though!

    • Christina

      Camping is the worst! How does anyone survive? I was just reading a book about camping and the horrors it entails. I’m so glad I didn’t read this stuff when I was too young. I’d never go anywhere.

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