Sunday Post: Fabulous Books and Our Lovely Reba!

March 18, 2018 Blog 6

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Puppies! All the time!

How long does it take for you to become attached to something? Particularly an animal? We found the pup’s family. I knew he had one because he seemed pretty dang spoiled! He was quite happy to see his Grandma, Grandpa, and his Dad. Can you believe all three come out to get him!? Yes, yes I can. Like I said, this pup was adorable. Sadly, my heart kind of dropped when I found his pup parents, but seeing their faces light up was worth it. And to reiterate, we already have six dogs!

AND we got our Reba! Hubster’s mom just can’t walk her pup anymore. We’ve known her since she was a little thing, heck she still is a little thing. So, taking her in has been fabulous. She gets along with everyone and has been by my side pretty much since she got here. She’s been hanging with the hubby more when he’s home and I told her that makes me jealous, so she’s dividing her time evenly. Like a good pup should!


The only downside to all these pups, is the lack of reading room! I have to set my book ON TOP of Anna, the brownie using my pillow as her bed. These Illuminae File books are pretty large also. She hasn’t fussed out me so far. And she did even move for me once. I’m not holding my breath that that’ll happen in the future. At least I have miniature heaters that go where I go!

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Reading Plans

Ready Player One comes out soon! I’m so excited about this movie. The book was one of my favorites from last year and sadly I haven’t made the time to re-read it. After I get through these Illuminae Files, that’s the first book I’m reading! I’m also thinking of doing an 80’s thing, where I read/watch/play all the games/movies/and books that he has. I have a full list on my review and there are quite a few! May take an entire year’s worth of blogging, AND it would be fun!



Spring Bloggiesta!

Spring Bloggiesta will be a week long challenge, March 19-25th, where we all get focus on that massive to-do list for improving, maintaining, and generally making your blog great.

Blog Ahead

March 24-April 7

This challenge is all about catching up and getting ahead with your blogging.
April 1 and end at 11:59 pm on April 30.
April 28

Holy crap guys! A lot of great stuff is coming up the end of March and into April! Are you joining any of these or have any others you are joining?

6 Responses to “Sunday Post: Fabulous Books and Our Lovely Reba!”

    • Christina

      Which is great since mother nature can’t make up her mind this year. We’re going from 70’s and 80’s back down to 30’s! I am only keeping my crap together by having the puppy piles! They just make me happy too. Silly dang pups.

  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    So the pups are adorable and I’m so glad the little one seems to have a good home. Seems like that pup was really missed and so lucky it found you to keep it safe. We have sunshine today which is a welcome change but like you, I’m really in the mood for spring. I have training 2 days this week which means I’m going to have to travel some but I should be back in town by 5 both days – just earlier mornings. I am off to check out the info on Spring Into Horror – it sounds perfect for me.

    • Christina

      Hopefully your travel comes with nice days. It’s been rainy here a lot. I love the rain, but the pups hate the thunder. So funny how much life changes when you get pups! If you sign up, I hope you have fun! I think she does the horror readathon twice a year. I always do the October one (of course) but I’m excited about next month too.

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