Sunday Post: Getting Lost in a Library

March 25, 2018 Blog 10

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Work is hard!

The pups were so good this week! Which is wonderful because last week was NOT my week. I recently started back up in customer service. Which I absolutely love. I love being able to help people! What I don’t love is when people take advantage or when they call in just to yell at me and then tell me I didn’t do my job. I want to do everything I possibly can to make sure whenever someone hangs up the phone, they have a smile on their face. I even went out of my way and wrote a letter to the customer to ensure them that we have their wants and needs in mind and want to ensure good customer service. NOT just so they return but because we want people to honestly be happy. I even recommend going to another store if we don’t have something someone needs. As a person, I am talking to another person, not as a customer service rep, but as a friend. Sounds cliche though right? But, that’s just how I am.

The problem is that I do not have a thick skin. When someone says I didn’t do my job correctly, or at all, I’m going to take that to heart. I don’t think people (as a whole) understand just how hard life can be, and simply saying look I’m pissed but I realize it isn’t your fault is all I am asking for. I want to do everything in my power to make every customer I talk to happy. But when people call specifically to make my life miserable AND THEN say that I didn’t do my job, that hurts my job performance. That actually goes against me. All because someone was in a mood. I understand they were unhappy, I’m unhappy for them, but please, please let me do my job and if YOU will not let me do my job, at least do not say that I didn’t even try.

This should go for everyone too. I try to be such a good customer. I called an app that I have been on a trial with and she gave me another MONTH free. It was only a two week trial. I even asked if I was being a jerk customer and she laughed and said no but she wanted to ensure that I had enough time to check out the app. Which is exactly what I would have wanted to do for my customers! The point is that I want the person doing the job to know that I respect them and understand that sometimes their job keeps their hands tied, and I just wish people would do the same for me. Because honestly, customers who do not care or even respect the people that are trying to help them, are the customers that make work really hard. Even when I worked at Disney there were customers that were unsatisfied, but it is my job to make them happy. If you refuse to allow me to do my job, don’t blame me!

But, like I said, the pups were great, and I was so glad to be able to sit and read. Although I’m having a book hangover moment after the Illuminae series. And I’ve been fighting my depression after work. Ugh… I just hope tomorrow brings a new week. And please don’t get me wrong. Call in when you’re frustrated and let customer service reps know when they aren’t doing their job or when their company is letting you down, that’s the only way we can all grow!


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I am so sad that I cancelled my two book boxes that I went back and resubscribed to Owlcrate. I just love it. Half the time I don’t even read the books, but I want to and they’re here for me when I am having a moment where I don’t know what in the hell I want to read! I keep going back and forth because the Classic Book box is delightful as well. There are also more items that I can actually use in the box, like a coffee cup with EACH subscription. The book this month for the Classic box was The Picture of Dorian Gray! Last month it was Wuthering Heights and the month before that it was Sherlock Holmes. All leather bound and gorgeous, but that box is more expensive than Owlcrate, by about $15.00! I’m not sure if I’ll switch over or keep either, but currently I love them both.

And I’m having just that sort of week. So at the library I went a little nuts. I normally keep myself to four, but as I was walking out the librarian and I started discussing Illuminae and then she asked if I read Ready Player One, which YES OF COURSE I HAD, but there’s only one week before the movie comes out so I ran to go get that. Which includes me getting lost in our library. It’s not even a large library, but I haven’t been going for long, so even a small library is like a labyrinth to me. She had to come save me. Sigh. I’m so glad librarians are fabulous people.




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10 Responses to “Sunday Post: Getting Lost in a Library”

  1. Ichabod Temperance

    I was in Mal-Wart the other day to buy paint, and there were some cranky customers ahead of me. They were reveling in berating the store and it’s employees, for absolutely no reason. I always try to be as polite as possible, no matter what the business. I’m sorry people were mean to you. 🙁

    At least you have lots of puppies to cheer you up! 🙂

    Congrats on the book haul. Happy Reading!

    • Christina

      And honestly the discussion with the librarians really made my day! Talk about great customer service. I just honestly can’t understand why people want to make someone else’s day frustrating. Yes, if there’s a valid reason, by all means let me know, even with yelling! Sometimes that’s how I get my frustration out. But the ones like those at Wal-Mart, I don’t get it. You know what though, that actually makes me feel a little stronger. They were there to make someone’s day bad. Why would we allow them to do that? I am going to have to work on it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    Sorry you week was so hard. I commend you for doing customer service. I don’t think I could do it. Glad you have the pups and hopefully they will snap you out of your depression. I tend to go overboard at the library and I should get better but I can’t. So many books – it’s just so tempting. I’m glad you enjoyed the Illuminae books as I still need to read them. I have all but the last one, which just came out.

    Good luck on your A-Z challenge – it sounds kind of hard. I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

    • Christina

      Thank you! I really need to work on just realizing that customers can have bad days too. I am so freaking sensitive. I need a thicker skin, that’s for sure! I can’t wait until you read them! PLEASE let me know when your review is up! Or what you think about them. I’m so excited to talk to someone about them! Hubster is starting Illuminae now. They are more horrific than I thought they would be, so I really hope you enjoy! So exciting 😀 Have a lovely week.

  3. Jennifer | Book Den

    After work depression has been really rough on me lately. I’m sorry you are going through that.

    Stephen King’s On Writing is amazing. I’ve been wanting to read that again soon.

    • Christina

      Oh no! I was hoping it was just me. I’d much rather be depressed on my own! Hopefully these fabulous books can snap us out of it. I read On Writing when it first came out (something like ten years ago, I think) but I’ve been getting that bug to write again, so I figured why not ask the master!? Hope your work depression lifts fast. Since today is Sunday, it’s a new week for us to breathe new, happy air. Or punch it until it submits!

  4. chucklesthescot

    I used to work in airport security so I know exactly how it feels to have people be rude and yell at you all the time! It is depressing and it spoils your leisure time as you can’t stop thinking about what was said to you. I used to get death threats from passengers just for asking the standard questions. I couldn’t go back into customer service.

    • Christina

      Oh good lord. I can only imagine! Now I feel a little bad complaining, as it was no where NEAR anything like that. I always try to treat airport personal really good as I know they probably have high tension jobs. I’ll at least thank you for dealing with travelers! What a stressful job. I do love customer service though. Most days.

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