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August 2, 2015 Sunday Post 4

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Wow… is it really August? This year has flown by.

There has been so much going on that I have not even really been able to read. My past 8 weeks have been all about Statistics class. Oh how I hate statistics! It has been tough but I pulled through the first class with a miraculous 88% and so far in this second class I have a 96%. School normally is not this tough and I am studying my behind off and still not understanding half of it! It is like it actually IS written in Greek!

In more personal news:

May 4 (quite a ways back) I became a Christian. I’ve run the gamut of questions and have believed for a long time that something else is out there. There are just too many coincidences, that science cannot explain, and I cannot overlook them.

I’m ready for this next journey in my life although I have so, so many questions. I have always looked to Jesus, Mother Theresa, and Buddha (to name a few) for how I want to treat others but I think this next step is opening my mind even more. It’s scary for someone that would prefer to stay home and be an introvert 24/7 but I even joined a fantastic and very loving church so …. for those of you that pray, please pray that I will learn and grow in my faith! I had no idea it was this difficult but I’m reading (almost) every day and praying and trying to understand.

As for reading! It has been SO hot that I’m just trying to stay inside and stay cool! The pups are more than happy with that idea. Although two of them would prefer to be on my lap instead of allowing my book to be there!


As for this August my plan is to get back on track. New theme (although I loved the old one I was ready for a change), new goals for the blog, etc. I only have 7 posts scheduled! Down from my 100 posts that I reached way back in November of last year! Time to get back to rocking it!  My daughter and I also started an art of the month idea that I am going to start posting. It’s been incredible and a great way to grow and I’d love to share that with you all!

What was your fav read for so far this summer? Any fun blog plans for your summer?

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4 Responses to “Sunday Post: Month in Review Edition”

  1. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    Congrats on becoming a Christian! I will be praying for your walk with God and that you will learn and grow in your faith! I actually wrote a discussion post awhile back about Faith in Blogging that you might want to check out. Just the fact that you’re open to sharing this personal journey with us is great!

    I’m also hosting a month end wrap-up link-up so that we can all see what we may have missed on each other’s blogs this past month. If you’re interested, check it out and link this post up!
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    • Christina

      Thank you so much! I have read the bible before but it was so long ago that I feel like I’m starting from scratch! Already though I can feel God working in my life and I’m so excited! I keep praying that I will start understanding and it is coming, slowly.

      Month end sounds great! And I’ll check the Faith in Blogging. I’ve been mulling over how to add being Christian to my blog and there just doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong way. Although I feel like not adding it at all is probably the wrong way!

      Thank you!

    • Christina

      That is definitely not my favorite class. I really do think even the English is all Greek. My position during the whole class was: head meet desk!