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October 5, 2014 Sunday Post 8

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Ok, it’s October…

Hello Wind! Hello cold! … well you can go away cold. Hello colors!

This month has been really crazy for me and really stressful. The hubby has had to travel for 6 weeks now. I have realized that I can do a lot of things but it took figuring out that… HEY the hubster isn’t here to do that. He does a LOT! The good thing is I’m being pretty independent which makes me proud of myself. I have a hubby that will do everything up and including walking for me if he could, which you think would be awesome, but I’ve gotten into a bad habit of allowing him to do nearly everything. So! For the last 6 weeks I’ve taken out the trash, walked the dogs, made my own coffee (ohhh the horror), and more! It’s been great. I don’t have a hunky guy to lean on to open any jars or to help put up laundry, it’s all me.

This may sound weird to you single people out there who are already independent and make your own coffee but after 12 years of marriage we definitely have our system. I do the things he cannot do and he does the things I cannot. And yes, until recently that included making coffee! I just couldn’t get the sugar/cream/coffee ratio correct! But guess what? All this alone time has made me a stronger person! I’d still prefer him to be at home even if I can make coffee now…

Sadly, with all this time on my hands you would think that I’m getting a lot of reading done, alas that is not the case. Algebra is kicking my ass. Like kicking it. I’m not joking. I spent hours upon hours upon hours trying to figure out how to graph inequality equations this week. I finally got the courage up to do the quiz and got a 90% but it was a hard fight. CraneThank goodness I’m not going into a field that uses math and especially graphs. Who knew I was really this horrible!?

As for reading, I read some ok books, some bleh books, and some great books.

My favs are:


How was your September? Are you ready for cool weather?


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8 Responses to “Sunday Post: Month in Review Edition”

  1. Rita @ My Home of Books

    Kudos to you to picking up the slack while hubby is away, doing an incredible amount of monthly postings and also studying for school (may I ask what you are going for?). I hate math also because math hates me. My brain can’t wrap itself around numbers, but words…I love words so much, I even like to collect quotes.

    I haven’t heard of your recent book titles, but I’ll look them up and see more about them to see if they are a good fit. Have a good week.
    Rita @ My Home of Books recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up 10/4-10/6/14My Profile

    • Christina

      I’m studying Behavioral Science and English. Neither have anything to do with math! Thank goodness for that too! I’m like you… I’ll stick to words 😀

      It has been a crazy month but I’m getting better at setting things up ahead of time. Makes life so much easier!

    • Christina

      Me too! Figuring that out was a real trial! Probably the smallest yet biggest of them all! Other than four pups all wanting attention and no Daddy to help out! Whew!

    • Christina

      I will! But you’re right it has been really good for me. 😀