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May 8, 2016 Sunday Post 2

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What’s happening here:

  • Finished: Just finished Parks and Rec! My daughter talked me into watching this and I have to say, the time was well spent. This was right up my alley. I used this as a way to get settled for the evening and get my mind off the stresses of the day. It worked wonderfully! At least… until I finished the series!
  • Pondering: What I eat. I recently finished the book, The Dorito Effect and since, and during, I have been looking really hard at what I allow into my body. This is difficult! Even when I think I know something sneaks in there like a hidden sugar or “natural flavors”. There’s an entire section in the book about natural flavors and how they are not natural at all! Sigh… It makes me wonder what we can do to stay (or get) healthy.
  • Watching: Dr. Who! Another show that my daughter talked me into. I do enjoy it but it has taken me a while to get over David Tennet. Finally I am enjoying Matt Smith’s antics and getting used to how he does things. Also started Contamination. Definitely not something I will be watching right before bed but so far it has been good! Getting excited about what will happen with the characters.
  • Reading: Man’s Search for Meaning is one that I’m going back and forth with. It’s going to take me some time to complete this. I’m glad I’m allowing myself the time to fully digest this. Just started The Twelve by Justin Cronin. I read the first years ago and just found out that the third is coming out soon! Which means I have to catch up!
  • Started: Shawn T’s 25. I’m sore everywhere! This should be exciting (but difficult). I’m sort of looking forward to it and sort of dreading. It’s been nicer here since May hit so I’m hoping the hubby and I can get outside and walk the pups more also. Last week it rained so much we basically had a pool in our backyard. The dogs were also shocked to see a crawdad claw his way to the surface of the mud. They were not happy. The hubby and I laughed our asses off 😀
  • Looking forward to: Bout of Books! This starts Monday and ends Sunday, May 15th. I have been doing horribly with my read a thons lately so I am really hoping I can get some reading done with this one! AND Blog ahead is going on for May! I’m hoping to not only get caught up but move forward into June with my posts!



How was your week?


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2 Responses to “Sunday Post! Hello Sunshine”

  1. Greg

    The Dorito Effect sounds like something I’d like, I’m very curious about food and how it affects us. Will have to look at that- and bloggers have been telling me to try Dr. Who but I never have (except for a smattering of episodes here and there). I do need to get started at some point…

    • Christina

      It’s so hard to start a show that is so far into the seasons! I started because my daughter was incessantly telling me about it. It really is fun! It is also dark though.

      The Dorito Effect was awesome but scary. I may have to re-read it just to ingest (hahaha) it all.