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January 7, 2018 Blog 6

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How was your New Year?

I have to admit my Christmas and New Year have been pretty amazing! My Mother-in-law visited, and I just love her! She is not the stereotypical MIL, so that makes life wonderful. I feel like we did a wonderful job to make her feel loved and spoiled but I was also loved and spoiled. I got so many books!

Here are just a few pics from Christmas week:

I don’t even know what number this was, but we had so many pics by this point, they were all just done. I don’t even know where Annabelle is…

Pic of pups not cooperating, like usual!

So, I decided to take them individually and maybe I can photoshop them together… although I do not have those kind of skills, we’ll see…

This is what Christmas in Louisiana looks like. The Mumsy did much better at standing still than the pups did, I have to say! <3 We all went to see Jumanji, which was hilarious and much better than I anticipated. And I had high hopes for it too! It was a toss up between that and The Greatest Showman, so I don’t think either would have been a bad choice. But seriously?! Dwayne Johnson (I still call him The Rock, I can’t help myself), Jack Black, AND Kevin Hart? Not to mention that I loved Karen Gillian in Dr. Who! If you haven’t seen it, it’s hilarity will have you rolling out of your seat. I definitely recommend it. Plus, it’s a great way to warm up with the coldness we all have this winter!


Reading plans this weekend:

Ok, so I’m mixing my reading plans for this week with Around the Blogosphere because there is just so much! Oh my goodness! Bout of BooksSO much is going on right now! Life and Lit’s schedule for the Jan BoTM is The Hate u Give (down there), so I think I’m going to get myself that book for my bday! Also, I got Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stephenson, so that’s something I need to finish soon. It’s taking me a minute because it’s not hitting any spots, but here’s hoping, once he gets kidnapped (poor thing) I’ll get more excited.

Also, Bout of Books is coming around! I’m going to do a separate post just for that one because the list is long and the struggle to  get that list read is REAL! But I always make a list and hopefully this time I won’t fail at reading it!

Seasons of ReadingAlso there’s the Winter’s Respite Readathon (that I still haven’t made a post for, ack!). Probably going to throw these posts together with my Jan reading list.

Super excited so far too, because although I forgot to sign up early for the Winter’s Respite Readathon, I have been like a reading demon and I’m tearing through the books! Although, like I said, Kidnapped is being a bit weird, but hopefully throwing some other books into the mix will help that.

Looks like a lot of reading for Jan though, which is perfect with this horrendous weather. If I’m not reading, I just want to curl up and sleep. The cold and I do not get along…

Hope your Jan is warming up, or at least you have a good book to keep your thoughts warm!



Are you joining any Read a thons for Jan?

6 Responses to “Sunday Post! Hello 2018!”

    • Christina

      Ha, I wish we could bring pups in! But then my Pitt would want to sit on our laps. 100 lb lap dog is ridiculous!

  1. Mallory @ SHeisBookish

    You found matching sweaters for your puppers!?! THat’s amazing! I can get my one dog to wear a sweater, but I still feel like that’s a fluke 🙂 Ironically, he’ll wear a sweater in the house but refuses to put his jacket on when it’s -20. Go figure!!!

    • Christina

      That’s hilarious! They were not happy with the sweaters either but left them on for a couple of days so I could get cute pics. They seemed relieved when I took them off though. I want to get those little puppy shoes for when it’s really cold here but I think I may get looks… !!

    • Christina

      Thank you! I just redid the entire design and it fits me and my lifestyle much better than the old one. Plus, I mean the pup pics are freaking adorable. I can’t get over them! Helps when I have a day when I don’t feel like blogging.

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