Sunday Post! Getting Ready for Christmas Part 2

December 17, 2017 Blog, Top Ten Tuesday 4

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I joined so many challenges for 2018! I am so excited.

What do you guys do to help track your challenges?

It’s probably due to the fact that I join SO MANY freaking challenges, but I never seem to finish any of them. This year, I’m trying something new. I joined a ton of challenges, but I’m only joining challenges that I think I will finish by what I already want to read next year. Cozy mysteries are my new jam (is there an updated way of saying this? I always feel out of the loop), so I’m obviously doing some cozy mysteries! Also, I joined an Anglophile challenge, partly due to my LOVE for the great Sir Terry Pratchett, but also because I want to re-read Harry Potter, and I have a new love for Shakespeare. So, it may seem like a lot, but in reality, I feel like I’m holding myself back by only joining ones that work together with others.

Maybe this’ll work this year… maybe.

On the pup front, my puppies are nuts guys. Between the snow last week and now rain, they refuse to go outside. We’ve snuggled by the fire and read many nights. I hate the cold and would prefer to become an animal that hibernates for the winter if reincarnation is a thing. Like, there has to be a way to add suggestions to the universe. Please allow me to come back as a bear in my next life universe. K? Thanks! Until then, I’ll snuggle with the pups and wear super comfy socks.

ALSO, holy crap! Hubby and I went and saw The Last Jedi! I think he may have been shaking he was so nervous that they would screw the story line up. If you enjoy Star Wars, you are going to want to see this. I cannot emphasize this enough. There was one moment when I swear, I wanted to stand up and cheer. LIKE. HOLY. CRAP. We’re going to go see it again next Friday. I have no idea who did the graphic above, but I love it! This is exactly how the hubby and I felt while staying away from anything social media, and trying not to watch trailers, so as not to get hit with any spoilers!


Us celebrating our love/hate for Ugly Christmas sweaters…

I also am getting the upstairs guest room all ready for my mother-in-law. I knew she would want her own shelf of books! We’ve lived her for about eight months and all these books were still packed!

And finally, I got to read Turtles All the Way Down. John Green kills me. Review to come, but what I can say is that I love his writing. With someone that has mild OCD and major anxiety, I was able to see myself in this book. Maybe not to this extent, but I understood and related to it.


And although I’m doing the challenge for Blogger Shame, Netgalley is trying to make me fail already! Just this week I got:

Reading plans this weekend:


I feel so stuck this time of year. I want to read Christmas books but my love of horror and psychological thrillers are screwing with my reading lists. I’m hoping to get some more Christmas reading in, especially since there’s only a week left before Christmas and I have about 12 more books to read! ACK!!! I’ll have to just fly by the seat of my pants and see how it goes.



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Gofita’s Cat Thursday:

This blog has the most adorable video of a cat playing with a baby rhino! Need a reminder that cats do not only kill Christmas trees, presents, and sparkly ornaments? This blog post will help!


When do you DNF?

Any good books coming to you from Santa?

4 Responses to “Sunday Post! Getting Ready for Christmas Part 2”

  1. Mallory @ SHeisBookish

    Okay – So I need to check back here and see what other readers say becuase I have no idea how to keep track of my challenges! I’m a newer blogger so this is my first go-round and what feels like “challenge season.” 🙂 Re-reading Harry Potter is also on my list for next year – someone totally needs to do a challenge for that one as well!!

    • Christina

      I know! Another challenge for us to join! I figured I’d read them slowly since I haven’t read them in forever and then watch each movie as I read the corresponding book. That way I can delve into what they left out. I know there were so many things that I was upset about when the movies first came out but it’s been so long now, I just don’t remember!

      AJ said that they have a page. That’s what I’m going to try to keep updated, but we’ll see how that goes. GL!!

    • Christina

      Ack! That’s what I’ve been doing but I never can remember to update it. Maybe if I go through once a month, that might help. Guess we’ll find out next year! Love your blog btw! The shout out is my pleasure!