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October 19, 2014 Sunday Post 8

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GUYS!!! I did it! I finished my Algebra class! At the moment I have a 94%!!! This is surprising but I knew I was going to work my butt off and I did! Now if the last week’s work stay relatively the same as the past weeks I’ll probably end with a 93 or 92%! I am more than happy with that!

I’m really excited about my next class which is Philosophy. I’ve already heard great things, mostly that it has a lot of reading and it’s really hard. I’m excited because although Philosophy itself isn’t what my degree is about it is a sister to Psychology. Depending on how this class goes I may dual major in Philosophy as well! It’s Philosophy or Theology. My all time dream is to go to Notre Dame for my PhD. Wow… my jaw would be on the floor if I got there!

Any whoo!!! Another great surprise is that my daughter actually has a bit of time to get onto the blog! If you haven’t seen them yet you’ll start seeing more of her poetry. A lot of it is dark but some is also very inspiring. And of course I think it is all just lovely. She’s such a gifted artist. We’re hoping to get her art in here as well since I’ve pretty much dropped the ball with my paintings. I have about 20 paintings in my house and just have not found the time to actually get the pics on the blog. So! Lilly is coming to pick up some slack!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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8 Responses to “Sunday Post!”

  1. Booketta

    Well done with your grades and good luck with the next modules. That’s great you can get your daughter to help out on the blog. My teen is good at art, much better than me. But we don’t blog together.
    Booketta recently posted…Sunday Post #10My Profile

    • Christina

      It’s so much fun but we started the blog together. Sadly her time was taken up by many other, and much more important things like school! I’m just excited she’s back!

    • Christina

      Thank you! I was so worried it was going to pull my grade down! I rocked it! I have intermediate Algebra coming up after philosophy. Now that one will be really interesting (in a shuddering type of way). Have a great week!

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I’ve thought about getting my daughter to work on my blog. She reads quite a bit and her tastes are different enough from mine that I think it could be interesting. How great that you’ve gotten yours to participate. I only had to take one philosophy class in college – I majored in computer science & accounting but I actually got quite a bit out of it. It was actually an ethics class that was geared towards not liberal arts majors and the professor was amazing. We had to turn in a one page paper every class arguing a point that had been brought up in the class before and it really helped me learn how to condense my thoughts. Good luck with your class and will keep my fingers crossed for you about Notre Dame!
    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted…Sunday Post – Oct 19My Profile

    • Christina

      I’m hoping I will too. The book is so big! Five week class though 😀 What a great way to get students to use their heads. That’s awesome!

    • Christina

      Thank you so much! The teacher was really harsh so I’m really excited that I am doing so well.