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September 14, 2014 Sunday Post 11

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I hope everyone’s September is moving along swimmingly!

I, sadly, am in a funk! The last few books that I’ve read, Goldfinch and California (review coming soon), were both slow and hindered my reading process. Now it seems I don’t want to read anything. Everything I pick up from romance to horror just seems so BLAH!!

Maybe it’s because the hubster is gone too. I do have a few that I am excited about though. I just got book two for Yesterday’s Gone and I got the audio for The Exorcist! Somehow the hubster pre-orderd Lock In which has two different narrators! Funnily enough this sounds so up my alley and so not up his! Should be another interesting one. Hopefully the excitement keeps up this week. I also joined another book club! It seems that their ideas of good books matches exactly what I think are good books so I think this is going to be a match made in heaven! Our first book was California but our second book is Night Film. Lots of audios to listen to and some fabulous NetGalley’s coming up for October. More scary stuff while I’m alone… so smart!

Also! Some of you may have noticed that I have a new blogger buddy posting Short & Sweet reviews. This is my fabulous sister! She just really started reading so of course I had to coerce her to help me to review. Now to get the hubby and my daughter reviewing!!! Muahahahahah ๐Ÿ˜‰

What do you do when you get into a reading slump? Power through or take a break? Is there a third option?





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I found this amazing site! Thought you book club lovers would enjoy this: Lit Lovers. Using the discussion about The Goldfinch for my book club today.


Something I really, really need From Herding Cats & Burning Soup:

The Goal
The basic goal is to get “ahead” in your blog posts.
Creating 30+ additional Pre-Scheduled posts by the end of November.
Super excited for this one!




11 Responses to “Sunday Post!”

  1. anna@herding cats & burning soup

    Aw turning into a whole family affair. Nice!

    Bummer on the reading slump. Stinks when that happens. I end up doing something else when those hit. Figure any book I read is likely to get overly picked apart if I’m in a funk so I cook or organize or craft until I’m feeling the itch to read again. Went through a horrible slump back in Jan that was like 3 weeks long. Yikes!

    Aws and thanks for sharing the hop and Blog Ahead! Really appreciate that. I can’t wait for Blog Ahead ๐Ÿ™‚
    anna@herding cats & burning soup recently posted…The Accidental Abduction by Darcie WildeMy Profile

    • Christina

      That sounds like so much fun! I had to share!! I think it will be good for me too because really, I normally only have like 10 to 15 posts scheduled at a given time. Since I read about the Blog Ahead dates I’ve been trying to do about two every day! I’ve gotten some cute Cat Thursdays up that I cannot wait to share! ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s fun having them all done anyway. I can look at my calendar and breathe instead of having anxiety attacks!

      I REALLY hope this slump doesn’t last that long. I’m about to pick up Dead Beautiful and I’m hoping since it sounds fabulous that it will be! Totally crossing my fingers!

      • anna@herding cats & burning soup

        Woot! That’s awesome! I love when the motivation hits like that. It definitely is a relief to have some back up posts and not have to scramble all the time for posts. I still do my fair share of that but have enough done that if I really need to I can slip a pre-schedule in and take a day or so off. It’s such a relief.
        anna@herding cats & burning soup recently posted…The Accidental Abduction by Darcie WildeMy Profile

  2. Rita @ My Home of Books

    You’re so busy and have so much going on in near future on your blog despite your slump. I’m not in a reading slump–I’m in a reviewing slump. I’m not enjoying it as much at this moment.. By the way, in order to your question, when I have a reading slump, I take a short break and when the mood hits, I jump back in….or I completely switch things up and read a book out of my comfort zone.

    Glad your sister is joining you! I have asked everyone in my family to write a review, but unfortunately my son is now busy with law school and not reading for pleasure and my eldest is busy with her job (she works the night shift and has a family) and doesn’t read much anymore and is watching Dr. Who at the moment instead.

    Hopefully your hubby will be back soon and you’ll get your mojo back. Don’t scare yourself too much while you are alone, lol. You are into some dark and spooky reads there! Also, enjoy your new book club. I dropped out of mine because they couldn’t get members to show up, and I want a big active group, not a couple of stragglers.
    Have a good rest of the weekend!
    Rita @ My Home of Books recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up: 9/13-9/14/14My Profile

    • Christina

      We’re lucky so far and had 10 show up and I think we have 20 members (or so). It’s just nice getting out! Since I live in such a small, farm town I don’t venture into the real world very often! It’s a scary place!

      I did get the Exorcist before I realized I was going to be listening to it while he was gone and then kicked myself. That is one scary movie so I’m curious about the book.

      I do think I may take a little reading break and actually do some cleaning. I didn’t get to any of my cleaning lists last week! LOL Who wants to clean anyway?!

  3. Red Iza

    I had the biggest, longest book slump at the beginning of last year. I changed from “serious” books to erotic romances and that did the trick. But I’m perfectly aware this won’t work for everyone ! Try different genres, shorter books ? Or simply relax and wait. Anyway, have a great week ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Red Iza recently posted…Sunday post #27 : What’s up, doc ?My Profile

    • Christina

      My normal genre is a bit depressing! I did pick up a book that is interesting though. I do think the length makes a huge difference too. I’ve been reading a lot of long books lately!

  4. Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)

    I like the idea of that 30+ challenge. Definitely would be helpful! I haven’t been in a “slump” per se, but the books I’ve been reading lately are just taking longer to read, which is also getting me behind. Besides work making me busier. YOu c an see my Sunday Post in the link below.
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted…Sunday Post #13 and Stacking the Shelves September 14th, 2014 and #TackleTBR Read-A-Thon UpdateMy Profile

    • Christina

      Doesn’t it sound awesome! And just to think by the end of the month hopefully we’re all in a habit of doing one extra post a day! It’ll be great!