Sunday Post: 56th Post

February 23, 2014 Sunday Post 0

Sunday Post: 56th Post

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What a great month so far! I’ve been lucky enough to actual read some books in my all time favorite genre: Horror!

To add to the horror, I have started a class that is called Socioeconomic Globolization. Ugh… I’m more into Literature (I mean obviously!) but this class, oh my god, it’s just so not my type of class! The professor, I must say, has been amazing so far but as I read the syllabus I just wanted to crawl into a dark corner and cry! We’ll see how it goes. This is really me being positive too. 😉

On the fabulous side both of my nieces have birthdays coming up! Sadly, I live far away from all of my family and I will have to wish them lots of love from afar, but these kids just make me so happy to be an Aunt. They are just precious!

I hope you have a great week! What do you have coming up?



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