Sunday Post: 54th Post

February 2, 2014 Sunday Post 1

Sunday Post: 54th Post

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Safe from the cold yet?

Even though I should be safe in the South where it’s warm and humid most of the time, lately it has been FREEZING everywhere. Now I know I shouldn’t complain but when you’re used to 100 degree weather and it’s less than 10 degrees outside, there’s a problem! Not to mention the sleet, ice, rain, and just plain yuckiness of the entire scenario!

Our pipes died also so we didn’t have water for two days. But we had heat and we just snuggled and read and played on the computer so all in all we didn’t do too badly! But still… Please Punxsutawney Phil tell us that the winter is coming to a close!!! Are you ready for winter to be over or do you enjoy playing in the snow?


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Thank you so much to the authors and publishers who offered their books for review!

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