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September 7, 2014 Sunday Post 8

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Well, I’m getting rid of the hubby tomorrow for nearly two months. I’m hoping I’ll get in some good reading and I’ve set up some chores and stuff to do.

The downside to him being gone (other than I’m going to miss you babe!) is that it’s nearly October. I have my schedule set to read many, MANY, many horrors and watch many horror movies. My normal Sept/Oct routine. But sadly, I tend to freak myself out and will think about these books and movies after my eyes are closed, and I’m all alone in my room, in the dark! My brain is conspiring against me, I swear! I might be a big baby and sleep with the lights on!

So… it’ll be an interesting two months. Hopefully I will get a lot done. I want to scour basically every room, go through closets, paint a lot, and of course read! In the twelve years that we’ve been together we haven’t spent this much time apart. Although, my sister would love for me to spend more time with her over the summers but he is opposed to me being away 😀

Are you excited about the upcoming fall season? What’s your favorite fall recipe or event?





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I found this amazing site! Thought you book club lovers would enjoy this: Lit Lovers. Using the discussion about The Goldfinch for my book club today.


Something I really, really need From Herding Cats & Burning Soup:

The Goal
The basic goal is to get “ahead” in your blog posts.
Creating 30+ additional Pre-Scheduled posts by the end of November.
Super excited for this one!




8 Responses to “Sunday Post!”

    • Christina

      Ahhh soups! I am learning and made the hubby happy last year with a beer cheddar soup. He was quite pleased! I’ll have to start looking and see what I can come up with and post. Soon he’s going to ask for apple pie!

  1. Rita @ My Home of Books

    Sorry to hear your hubby will be away for so long 🙁 That must be hard on you. At least you can get the house in shape with Fall cleaning and have bunches of books to read, blog tours to host, and challenges to join. I don’t think it will feel like Autumn here now that we live in So Cal, but I will still drink pumpkin spice lattes, maybe do a bit of baking though hubby & I are really trying not to eat pastry, and make homemade soups, yum. I usually read more thrillers/mild horrors this time of year. I am a big baby and can’t handle straight up horror stories anymore, lol.
    Rita @ My Home of Books recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up: 9/6-9/8/14My Profile

    • Christina

      It will be interesting. He normally takes care of the dogs when he gets home from work and they look out of the windows and whine when he is late. Being this late will kill them! He is coming home a few days at a time but then off again he will go. He’ll be home in time to get a tree for Christmas though! 😀

      I am trying to get into baking also. Not exactly my forte but I don’t have the kitchen appliances that are right for it either. I’ll have to do some pies soon for sure! We are both trying to lose weight so I will have to cut down on the pies this year 🙁 maybe just one a week 😀 lol

  2. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    Your comment about watching/reading scary things while your husband is away made me laugh. I’m the same way. In fact I have a rule – no scary things after dark when I’m on my own! You can always tell when he’s been out of town because the number of romances I read picks up big time. I’m a big baby to about it – the shadow outside the window is always an ax murderer never a tree in my mind. Good luck with all your projects and reading! The time will pass before you know it!
    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted…People I Want to Punch in the Throat – ReviewMy Profile

    • Christina

      I’m the same way! Then I was watching a show and a movie trailer came on and says something like 1 house every 6 minutes is invaded! I was like, thank you commercial! And then started checking our doors and windows. Although my pups would scare anyone any with all their kissing, I’m sure!

    • Christina

      So far the books haven’t been too scary so I’ve been lucky! I think Summoning Mary was the most horrific that I’ve read in quite some time but I am getting The Exorcist on audio. THAT one will be interesting and will probably be something I only listen to during the day. I can find my imagination going wild with that one!