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August 24, 2014 Sunday Post 15

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Wow! I was so excited about Bout of Books that I created a long list of about 12 that I really wanted to get to. Sadly school and The Goldfinch totally derailed that plan.

Although the Goldfinch is a long book I didn’t think it would take me quite so long to read it! It was good but I think that number kept throwing me off of my game. On average I read 150 to 250 page books and seem to tear through them so I didn’t think an 800 page book would be all that different. At least not until I started it and had been reading for quite some time and looked to check my percentage.

BIG MISTAKE!!!! I was only at 3%. It was all uphill from there. I kept wanting to do other things. And maybe I should have just put it down but I also had to read it for book club so I kept telling myself to stick with it.

What do you guys think of long books? What’s your average (happy feeling) page number?





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I found this amazing site! Thought you book club lovers would enjoy this: Lit Lovers. Using the discussion about The Goldfinch for my book club today.


15 Responses to “Sunday Post!”

  1. Lola

    I usually read books between 100-350 pages and I think about the maximum where I feel comfortable with is 500 pages, above that it just seems so long. Ofcourse if it’s a good book the lenght won’t matter that much, but I still won’t pick it up that easily if a book is too long.
    I hope you have a great week!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #88My Profile

    • Christina

      Yeah, I think 450 is my max and for how much I read, that might even be a stretch! Thank you so much for visiting! Have a great week!

  2. Rita @ My Home of Books

    I would *not* have chosen The Goldfinch for a Bout of Books challenge or any, for that matter 🙂
    It’s very very long and also needs your attention to detail (I haven’t read it, but have read all about it). Not a breeze-through book. However, if you really want to read it now, perhaps break it up with a shorter, lighter book so you don’t get stuck on the book page count.

    I don’t have a page count problem because I just don’t look at the % on my kindle while I read, or even in paperbacks (then I can judge by the dent I’ve made in it visually). I would stress if I had to read a long book in a specific time frame. That’s just me of course, my opinion.
    Rita @ My Home of Books recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up 8/23-8/26/14My Profile

    • Christina

      I normally read pretty fast (and I have a lot of time on my hands) so I didn’t even think about it! But you are totally right, definitely not a breeze through book at all. Actually, my entire book club is having some difficulties with it. Next time I’m definitely keeping this length of book off of my read a thon list!

    • Christina

      I’m so glad you did!! And thank you for the compliment. I go a bit graphic crazy so I try not to overwhelm but I am still loving these. Now my turn to visit you!

    • Christina

      I think a lot of us get nervous around 500. I mean, unless it’s Harry Potter I just cannot seem to sit still that long anymore!

  3. Red Iza

    On my e-reader, I display only the % read, not the number of pages, so it looks like it reads faster. And it’s a novella, then it’s done very quickly ! When I think about series (like the Assassin series by Robin Hobb) with a big number of books and of pages… I know I’ll never make it to the end of my to-read list alive lol !
    Red Iza recently posted…Sunday post #24 : what’s up ?My Profile

    • Christina

      I know!! And what is funny is that I am the one that picked this for our book club. None of the gals finished it (yet, they SAY they are going to ahhaha). It was worth it in the end but man! Totally messed up my week!

  4. Emma @ Words And Peace

    now you got me curious! I thought recently I read a lot of books between 350 and 400 pages, though I really don’t mind 500 pages or more. As I’m crazy with stats, I looked at my average pages per books read so far this year, and it’s only 292 pages! [I have read 57 books so far – not counting the 8 I listened to].
    Emma @ Words And Peace recently posted…Sunday Post #4 – 8/24/14My Profile

    • Christina

      That’s probably right around the perfect amount to read per book. I mean for people that read all the time just think the number of books that you would not get to if all were longer than your average! I would hate that.

  5. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I think most of the books I read range from 250 to 400 pages and I can normally get through those pretty quickly. That being said the 800 page chunks don’t really appeal to me at this point just because I have so many books to read. I think I would get impatient. I’ve heard good things about The Goldfinch though so I hope you enjoy it!
    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted…Sandpiper Island – ReviewMy Profile

    • Christina

      I finished it but I think that was exactly the problem. I was so impatient to get to all the other books!