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January 24, 2016 Sunday Post 2

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Back to Florida I go…

This is so bitter sweet because it is to go help with my Husband’s grandmother. She is 92 and close to needing to be in a home or somewhere with 24/7 help. For now, she is too cognizant to be put into a home but not enough to stay by herself! The line is so close and she is holding on by the tips of her fingers.

I love being in Florida. It is where I am from, but I would prefer to be with my hubby and crazy pups. I am hoping it will only be for two months but at the moment we are not sure. I want to be excited but I can’t stop crying. I love my mother in law and Nana, but it is really tough being there. Fighting depression, which is always pretty hard for me, but damn it, I’m going to put a smile on and keep it like there are zombies to put bullets into outside. Although, if there were really zombies, my smile would be from a chaotic and very stressed laugh! Maybe that IS the right smile.

I am planning on doing an exercise routine and really working on the blog. I also still have school work and of course a TBR that is always threatening to drive me crazy. I’m also planning on taking my drawing utensils so while I may not be able to paint, I’ll still be able to draw and work on my art of the month with my daughter.

Fortunately, thanks to Anna over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup (check her out if you haven’t, she’s a trip!), I have worked on keeping my scheduled post count up. It is currently at 41. It seems that I can stay at that number pretty consistently. So, I have posts scheduled through March, so you may not even see a hiccup where the blog and reading books are concerned! YAY!!

That’s it for me… I’ll be around. Hopefully, Nana and I will get into a rhythm and it’ll be great! And besides, I’ll be in Florida. Nothing to complain about there!


How was your week?





weekly recap done


around done





2 Responses to “Sunday Post!”

    • Christina

      Thank you so much Laura! I’m still here and it’s hard to get time for the blog (thank goodness for Blog Ahead) but it has been beautiful here. Nana has her moments but mostly it has been a wonderful experience.