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January 17, 2016 Sunday Post 2

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Hello fabulous people!

I hope everyone’s holidays were fantastic.

I am home and Nana is doing pretty good. I spent two weeks there and then had two weeks at home with the hubby for Christmas! Then it was all back to school. This particular class has been kicking my ass, hence the lack of Sunday posts! It is fabulous though and I am loving life but whew… the time spent studying has gone up exponentially.

As for reading, I have read pretty good books so far this year. Only one 5 star, which is a little disappointing, but happens. I’m looking forward to all the great reads this year! I have joined so many challenges that I will probably wind up stressing out but they are fun!

I also have not made many resolutions but I think the best resolution for professional readers is to read WHAT YOU ENJOY. I tend to forget to do that. I read constantly and miss out on reading what I actually want to read. So far this year I have been reading what I enjoy as well as my Netgalley’s and author requests. It’s a work in progress 😀

For my birthday I also got a Kindle Paperwhite. I’ve been trying to decide if it was worth the cost and then I was reading in the car with the sun directly hitting it! I still have my other Kindle when I want to play around on Pinterest or Tumblr, but so far I’m enjoying my new one. Also, they have a vocab builder! That was the main selling point for me!

For this year, on the blog, you’ll see different memes. I’m still working on:

  • A weekly GRE quest: It’ll be a search for words that I may sort of know but maybe not really, or words that authors use that I have to look up because I have NO idea! And words that are on the GRE.
  • Geekiness of the month: I watch a lot of geek shows and I play MMORPG’s. There are going to be more of those on here. Maybe not a lot, but some.
  •  Horror Read of the Month: THE best of the best horror that I have read for the month.
  • Art of the month: My fabulous daughter is really making me stretch my brain and we have created a family art club. Each month we decide on what we are going to draw and/or paint. Then we will share our art with you!
  • Moment of Zen: A way to find your zen, through pictures, art, poetry, quotes, etc.


How was your week?





weekly recap done


around done




2 Responses to “Sunday Post!”

  1. Diana Leigh

    Yay for the Kindle Paperwhite! I love mine, had it for about a year. It’s great for reading anywhere – outside, in the dark, etc. Good luck with your new blog memes!

    Thanks for posting about the Gothic Fiction Reading Challenge! 🙂