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November 22, 2015 Sunday Post 0

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Read a thon!

I got so much read during the Ho Ho Ho Read a thon! This is my third year joining but I think this was my best year. I did add in quite a few novellas but still! Not quite as many books as I wanted but I always set my bar super high. Six read! YAY!

Did you guys join the read a thon? How did you do?

Netgalley Woes:

Oh dear… I went over to Netgalley last night. You guys know where this ends right? With my TBR spiralling out of control!

I only got a few books. I made myself leave after 6. I’m still at 83% but I would really like to not freak out when all of these reviews are due! All of them have publishing dates of December or later sans one, The Naughty List! But, I couldn’t let that one go by. I also got a few from authors this week.

I swear, every time I get caught up, I do this. I am a full two weeks ahead on my schedule! I would love, love, LOVE to be a full month ahead and then I would be able to read at my leisure (sort of). At least I kept myself to 6. It could have gone very badly!


on the naughty listHow to think like einsteinUninformed
On purpose
The Heart of the Fight


BalanceSuckersThe Undead deleted scene

Amazon Likes:

Question for you guys. I saw on another reviewer’s page that he puts his Audible account link on his posts so you can click over if you like the review and LIKE the review. This has got me thinking about Amazon. I’m at #4,281. I’ve worked really hard to get to that number, down from 18k just a year ago. But, is it cheating to get you guys to go LIKE my reviews on Amazon? More importantly, will Amazon feel that is cheating? I’ve debated adding the links but most of the time I have the reviews up on the blog prior to publish date anyway, so those wouldn’t matter… but still… the enticement is there.


How was your week?





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around done amonthoffavorites

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