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October 25, 2015 Sunday Post 9

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I have so much on my mind!

With Christmas exactly two months away, and family spread all over the world, I have to think about Christmas pretty early. I prefer to think about Christmas presents around September or so, so this year I am late!

I tend to go with a theme because we have so many guys and gals, it just makes it easier. While searching the internet I came up with a theme that I absolutely love! As a matter of fact, I told my hubby that I want what the girls are getting. It’s bookish and fun! And, to make me feel even better I found them on Etsy! I love supporting artists!

Along with that I have been really thinking about this website this year. I nearly decided to stop it altogether since I have not had the time to get out and say hi as much as I would like. Then there is the fact of my niche being so not niche-y. I decided to embrace who I am and have my blog reflect that. It took me quite some time and a few overhauls but soon I will have on my love for school and all things geeky. I’m going to be studying for my GRE soon and I thought why not share this with you guys? I also have a love of vocabulary, so while I am learning new words I felt like other readers may want to know.

Here are the changes that you may see:

  • A weekly GRE quest: It’ll be a search for words that I may sort of know but maybe not really, or words that authors use that I have to look up because I have NO idea! And words that are on the GRE.
  • Geekiness of the month: I watch a lot of geek shows and I play MMORPG’s. There are going to be more of those on here. Maybe not a lot, but some.
  •  Zombie Read of the Week: My favorite books are also zombies so I think I may start a quest for the Zombie Read of the Week! It’ll get me into reading some more horror too, which sadly has been lacking immensely.
  • Art of the month: My fabulous daughter is really making me stretch my brain and we have created a family art club. Each month we decide on what we are going to draw and/or paint. Guys, this girl is amazing. Her artwork just blows me away. I want to figure out how to help her get the word out. Marketing is not my forte but I want to help, so that stuff is going to go here with links to prints or the original. I’m just so excited for her and want to help in every way possible! I won’t post links like advertisements everywhere so you will not be inundated if you do not want to see it, but it will be there IF you want to. 😀
  • Health Tip of the Week: Also, I am working to figure out what in the world I am supposed to be eating! I did so good for a while there and now I’m back to being hooked on soda. Pepsi is like manna from Heaven to me! I think it is really important to get healthy and maybe help others on the way. I lost 60 pounds and I have only gained back 25 of that but I know this lifestyle is not doing me ANY favors. So… there will be a weekly quest for exercise and eating healthy as well. I’m still thinking on that one…
  • Spiritual Insight of the Month/BiWeek: This one is going to go with my weekly zen moments. I read a lot of spiritual books and I want to share more than just the reviews. I would love to create something that allows a real discussion about spirituality without any negativity.

Whew… now that I have it written down, I feel really good about it. This is stuff that has been dying to get out of me but I have not focused. I work on my blog for book reviews and then I feel stagnant. It is time to break out of that rut!

And of course my reading has diminished over the year. I went from 300 books last year to 200. That’s still a lot more than some but for me I feel like I’m dying! I’m busy so I’m trying to be thankful for the books that I do read.

Ok… now on to the recap (finally)…

How was your week?





weekly recap done


around done


Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon
  • Ho Ho Ho Read a thon coming soon! I so need this! I have at least six books that I have just for Christmas that I’m already looking forward to. Sadly, all romance. Doesn’t anyone write Christmas horrors? But all Netgalley so it will be nice to get them off of my dashboard!
  • Anna from The Herd Hops has two giveaways coming soon! Links below, join up!


Thankful for You Hop


Christmas Treats Hop

9 Responses to “Sunday Post!”

    • Christina

      I feel the same! I just love shopping! Although my pocket book does not. Good guess 😉 I cannot confirm nor deny!

  1. Greg

    I’m hooked on Coke/ Pepsi too… my one vice. I would have a VERY hard time giving it up! I think it would be neat to see gaing stuff too, I like it when blogs include game stuff.

    I know what you mean, can I get some Christmas reads without romance? Ha ha. I guess there are mysteries. I need to finalize my HoHoho reads before the readathon starts!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #114My Profile

    • Christina

      I try to only drink a little Pepsi, one of those 12 oz, and make up with it by drinking a lot of water. But it does not always happen! It just tastes so dang good!

      I cannot wait until the read a thon but I think it’s going to be just the romances for me, sadly. I’m sure they will be fun but I’d prefer for Halloween to stick around!

  2. RAnn

    Christmas Horror? You’ll find that at the mall, not on NetGalley. I’ve really enjoyed my Christmas romances this year though.
    RAnn recently posted…The Sunday PostMy Profile

    • Christina

      Eww… see! Just the sound of that sounds horrific enough to get me into the mood for reading romance! Thanks 😉

    • Christina

      I read so many that I might as well do it! And talking about TWD, do you watch Talking Dead? I seriously needed therapy this week after what happens. I don’t know how I’m getting over that one!

      • Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)

        Oh yeah, I watched Talking Dead too. I was so sick to my stomach when that happened! I can’t see any way he didn’t die, but there are all kinds of things pointing to maybe he didn’t. I don’t know which way I want it! I don’t want him dead, but I also want the show to stay semi-realistic, and they will have to have a really good way for him to have survived that is somewhat plausible.
        Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted…Cover Characteristic: EyesMy Profile