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November 30, 2014 Sunday Post 4

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Well… it’s time to get back to work. The hubster leaves tomorrow (sadly!!) and we really have had a wonderful vacation. Well sort of.

I finally finished my Philosophy class and let me tell you that paper was a BIOTCH. I think I enjoyed that class but I’m still not even sure yet. I enjoy learning and starting to think out of the box but dang! There was no real answer and I like real, concrete, undeniable answers!

Speaking of, Algebra started last week. Did I say I was on vacation? Well, for the most part we really were and it was really nice but in between vegging out I had math homework. Blah! It’s only been 5 weeks since my last Algebra class and I swear that I forgot everything! Why brain, why!!?

So, I’ll be around more when I’m not mired in my Algebra book. On the up side I’ve gotten most of my Christmas shopping done and I’m really, really excited!

Sadly, I’m debating not decorating my house because the hubby will be gone most of December. I’m not sure if the challenge of decorating (although fun) will really be a benefit with him gone. Something to think about over the next week. I also normally decorate on Black Friday instead of getting out and shopping but since we skipped that this year I’m all out of whack! It’s confusing my brain I think. It’s that or the Algebra has taken use of all of my brain cells! Fun!!

Thanksgiving was fabulous though and I really enjoy being able to relax even if we didn’t get to see family this year. The hubby made a wonderful turkey and we had apple pie. Our pit bull decided that he needed apple pie and pulled the pie off of the counter. The last piece was half scarfed up before we could run into the kitchen. Dang tall dogs!! I did make five cup salad which turned into like a 15 cup salad and I’m going to eat it all by myself because the hubby doesn’t like coconut. OKAY! No problem. I got this!!!

As of this moment I have 94 posts scheduled but I am hoping to get to that fabulous 100 before the end of tomorrow! I have one post (this one) to publish so that means 7 posts to do tomorrow. With such a great start I think I can finish strong and do this!! Thanks go out to Anna from Herding Cats & Burning Soup, who was a great host and had such a fabulous idea. I’ve never had more than 30 (ish) posts scheduled and now I’m nearly two months ahead. That’s freaking awesome!

How was your Thanksgiving? Or if not in the U.S. your week?










4 Responses to “Sunday Post!”

  1. Diane O'Key

    Oh, Christina, your post made me laugh–with you on the algebra thing–and despised geometry even more 🙁
    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving–despite the apple pie misadventure LOL
    Sorry your hubby’s leaving for a month. At least he’s probably happy that at least he won’t have to deal with your algebra-makes-no-sense b**ing. Hahaha Know you’ll miss each other, though, so glad you had a nice sort-of vacation and Thanksgiving together!
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    • Christina

      What a great way of putting it. He didn’t miss out though. I whined on one of our phone calls today! Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous.

  2. R_Hunt

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and turkey, if not apple pie 🙂
    I am not a fan of math so I can commiserate with you there. Hope you have a good week and if I were you I would put out a few cherished decorations in the kitchen and living room while hubby is gone and not go full-tilt with it. But don’t deprive yourself of some holiday cheer!
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    • Christina

      He made me go shopping! I haven’t put everything out but we did get a tree and I got gorgeous gold, red, and green ornaments. Really glad that I started it although I have a lot more to do. Still less than my normal 😀 That holiday cheer can be great can’t it?