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November 9, 2014 Sunday Post 0

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The last two months I’ve really tried to participate in read a thons, to no avail. This week isn’t much difference! I have so many great books on my list and I just can’t seem to get to them.

School has been seriously kicking my behind. I thought I would love philosophy but being that my theory is ridiculous is harsh! My instructor is kind but HARSH!!! The good thing is that I’m learning a lot. The bad thing is that all my reading has been for philosophy and philosophy only! Another two weeks and then I’m back in Algebra. Funny thing though, I am looking forward to the Algebra… I feel like a pod person! Someone kill me before I start screaming and pointing out humans to eat.

I HAVE been able to start my Christmas shopping. Seriously, thank you for the Internet!! I am in LOVE with internet shopping! I have my plan for the next few weeks and decided on approx $35 per person. That keeps me to a nice limit which I think allows me to have fun but not go overboard. I’m one of those that will pile you up with Christmas gifts if I can. Sadly my budget says I cannot. So cruel!! But seriously, I’ve already bought and sent all four of my nieces and nephew their gifts!!! Next week I’m going to start my Christmas cards! <3 <3 <3 <3!!

The hubby was super sweet yesterday and even turned on Christmas music for me! I know it seems a little early but we have a Pandora station that plays Manheim and even Harry Potter! It’s really eclectic and fun and just fabulous to wake up to. Now if I could get to reading while I listen!

Update for the Blog Ahead! I’ve been doing so great! Again, the hubby was wonderful and allowed me an entire day to sit and blog! An entire day!!! I am currently at 92 scheduled posts and I started at 39! If I can keep up the momentum I may shoot for 150 but with school and Christmas I’m thinking keeping it at 100 at the end of November will be a great goal. And doable. But that 150 number looks so damn pretty!! I have all my Zen Wednesdays and Cat Thursdays done through February and started a new thing with Disney posts. That is a lot of fun but takes a lot more time. I also started a Christmas list of 25 days of Christmas which includes movies, christmas fun, and random stuff like recipes! I only have 2 of those done so that should be my top priority!

My big thing with Christmas is the tree. I love the smell but I’m actually thinking about getting a fake tree. The price is definitely worth the fake but I love, love, love the smell of the tree just not the mess. I don’t put up my tree until the day after Thanksgiving so I have time to consider my options.  What do you guys do?

I hope you gals are having a fabulous November and staying warm! I just bought an electric blanket and I drag that thing everywhere! 😀


Have you shopped internet deals yet? Are you waiting for the big deals or getting them when you see them? They are shiny!!!





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Something I really, really need from Herding Cats & Burning Soup:

The Goal30 days
The basic goal is to get “ahead” in your blog posts.
Creating 30+ additional Pre-Scheduled posts by the end of November.
Super excited for this one!





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