Short & Sweet Book Review: Red Snow by Christine Sutton

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Short & Sweet Book Review: Red Snow by Christine SuttonRed Snow (Burkheart Witch Saga #1) by Christine Sutton
Series: Burkheart Witch Saga #1
on January 1st 1970
Genres: Fairytale, Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 30
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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When Kayla embarks on a drive from Washington to Texas, she is just doing her job. When the black 1967 Impala starts showing up at every turn, she starts to think it might be more than coincidence. When the mysterious driver leaves her a note, she is engulfed in a race for her life. Kayla is tasked with defeating vampires, werewolves and evil witches that threaten to destroy her happiness and her very life! Will she get her happily ever after, or will she fall victim to the evil that courses through her veins? Red Snow is an urban retelling of a classic fairy tale. A short story.

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This starts out very weird. It’s not that I did not like the story but many things about the character did not add up.

The story is fast paced and easy to follow so it did make me curious about book two but the main character, Kayla, does things that seem out of character. Even though I have just started reading about her!

Kayla seems like she wants to be a strong individual and at times that characteristic comes out, but for the most part she reminds me of a damsel in distress. The fact that she still lives with her crazy mother even though her mother is constantly putting her down, is one issue for me. Being that this is a short story I was able to go with it and got the feel for the character.

The way the fairy tale was told was a bit of a twist on the older version. Very different from other stories that I read and that came through nicely.

All in all it left me curious about the next few books in the series.

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3 / 5
Character Development
2 / 5
Writing Style
3 / 5
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4 / 5
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Overall: 3 / 5
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About Christine Sutton

Christine Sutton is the author of more than fifteen short stories, novellas and novels. While she tends to cross genres within horror, she is always passionate about scaring the hell out of you.
Her passion would have to be serial killer fiction, but she also loves ghosts, ghouls, demons and monsters of all types. Christine's work ranges from modern day fairy tales to demonic soul eaters to ghostly children that just want to play. Her writing has been called passionate, realistic, gritty, fun, enthralling and tons of other cool adjectives.
You, too can pick up some of Christine's work and come up with some cool adjectives of your own. It won't be hard. I promise.

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