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December 23, 2015 Blog 0

shelf-controlA weekly features celebrating unread books on our shelves! Pick a book you own but haven’t read, write a post about it (suggestions: include what it’s about, why you want to read it, and when you got it), and link up.

My Shelf Control picks will be books that I already own — either physical copies from my overflowing shelves, or one of the many unread titles elbowing each other out of the way on my Kindle.

So, although Bookshelf Fantasies is only counting actual books I’m also going to add in any books that I’ve received from authors and Netgalley that need to be read… so, here goes!

I’m really excited about this one! I have not sat down to read it yet but only because I want to really delve into it without interruption. It’s also a book where I have to have full brain power to read, to understand, and to ingest! Knowing that it is put on my TO READ shelf but right up at the top where I can see it daily.

I purchased it because I have a love for psychology and neuroscience and I love reading about theology. This sounds like it incorporates both! I actually bought another book at the same time because I truly did not want to choose between the two. Of course I told myself at the time, that I would read at least one book a month that delves into psychology… that was like 6 months ago.

In my defense I did have two classes of Statistics in that time and I’m currently in a tough class, Abnormal Psychology. I’m getting to this soon though!



Buddha’s Brain

Paperback, 1st edition, 252 pages
Published November 1st 2009 by New Harbinger Publications

Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and other great teachers were born with brains built essentially like anyone else’s. Then they used their minds to change their brains in ways that changed history.

With the new breakthroughs in neuroscience, combined with the insights from thousands of years of contemplative practice, you, too, can shape your own brain for greater happiness, love, and wisdom.

Buddha’s Brain joins the forces of modern science with ancient teachings to show readers how to have greater emotional balance in turbulent times, as well as healthier relationships, more effective actions, and a deeper religious or spiritual practice.

Well-referenced and grounded in science, the book is full of practical tools and skills readers can use in daily life to tap the unused potential of the brain-and rewire it over time for greater peace and well-being.

If you can change your brain, you can change your life.

What’s on your TO READ shelf?

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