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January 16, 2016 Read Play Blog 0

Read-Play-Blog-2January: What game releases are you looking forward to in 2016?

So, my hubby and I have been playing a lot of Star Wars. He’s very excited since the movie just came out. With the holiday vacation we had more time than usual for gaming so decided to level some characters in WoW. Leveling is one of my favorite past times, especially since I can listen to audiobooks while I level! AND WoW had Pet Battle Week during the holidays, so it was like two stones for me! YAY!

  • All that to explain that I am really, really excited about WoW’s latest Legion. The Demon Hunter looks AMAZING!
  • Final Fantasy 15 is definitely going to be another one that the hubby and I stay up way too late playing! I’ve done this since the Christmas when my parents got me my first FF!
  • Ratchet & Clank looks just silly enough to be fun! Now this looks like my type of game!
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider is more my hubby’s style but I like figuring out the puzzles (hopefully before he can!)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn. Seeing that I LOVE, love, love, love reading apocalyptic stories, this should be right up my alley!
  • Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 – I didn’t play the first but I’m excited to try this one. We’ll see how long it takes me to get mad at the PvP.

There are so many great looking games coming out this year but I will keep my list short. There’s only so much time to play. Especially when Pet Battles are calling my name 😀




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