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January 30, 2016 Read Play Blog 0

Read-Play-Blog-2January: Titles I Want!

WoW came out with an achievement years ago “Insane in the membrane”. It’s a really tough to get title (Insane) but I am more than half way done. Currently I have Serenity RE-working on her Goblin faction. I have Bloodsail Admiral (YAY) and I am almost done with finishing up goblin faction. I now have only two things left: Darkmoon Faire Faction and Ravenholdt.

I’m working on leveling up a rogue just so I can get the stupid lockboxes. I was tempted to just start over on the rogue but WoW moved Ravenholdt and I cannot imagine that faction without being able to grind on the mobs down by Tarren Mill (this was like two years ago). So, leveling and lockboxes and I spend about an hour a day on goblins. It is slow…

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So, quite a few hours left for this title… getting there. Slowly but surely! Once I get Insanity I will have to take a look at the other titles that I can work towards. ZooKeeper sounds fun 😀


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