Read, Play, Blog: Casual Gaming in WoW

March 27, 2017 Read Play Blog 0

Read-Play-Blog-2March: Are you a competitive gamer or casual gamer?

While talking with other gamers I have to ask myself if I am a gamer. It doesn’t seem like it. I don’t have to get the latest and best games. I don’t even have to play A GAME but it is a nice way to destress when I don’t feel like reading. Which isn’t often, but still. Also, my hubby is a big gamer so I do try to keep up with him, at least in WoW.

I guess that already answers the question on whether or not I play casually. Now, get me into something like Plants vs. Zombies and I’ll be able to play for hours upon hours without worrying about dinner or if the dogs have gone out to go potty! World of Warcraft can do that, depending on the achievement I’m shooting for, but for the most part I think I’m a pretty casual gamer.

My recent huge experience in WoW was getting the Perky Pug. That’s how much I game, I just got my pug. My hubby has had that little guy for something like a year and I just got mine. Sadly, this guy is also binds when you pick him up so that means when my hubby got him, even though he doesn’t pet battle, he couldn’t give him to me. Seriously sad face!

Looking For Multitudes

Use the Dungeon Finder tool to finish random heroic dungeons until you have grouped with 100 random players total.

So, I’m pretty casual for the most part and then if I’m shooting for an achievement I play until I burn myself out. I don’t think I have an in between. Now… it’s time to go level this perky pug!




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