Rating System

I love to read just about everything. Anything horror, dystopian, apocalyptic, but I also love paranormal romance and the random non-fiction thrown in for fun! More on my Review Policy.


Really simple…

StarStar halfFull flower and a half flower. Obviously the more flowers a book gets the better I think it is. Those half flowers are when a book is just not quite at that next level but it doesn’t deserve to be in the lower category either. Tricky!!


My personal rating meanings:

  • 5- This is one of my new favorites!
  • 4-Not an ohmygodthisisawesome favorite but I will definitely read again and recommend.
  • 3- Good book that I didn’t feel like I had to trudge through to get to the ending. Kept me interested but still missing something.
  • 2- Not quite bad but not quite good either. I like something but not enough to really have a great time reading.
  • 1- Trudged to the ending. A lot of this isn’t resonating with me.
  • 1/2 – Half an exclamation point will be used when a book doesn’t quite fit in the categories above or below.

The actual rating itself will always be at the top and bottom of my review.


Rarely will I DNF (did not finish) a book. Especially if you have sent your book to me for a Star DNFreview. However, if it really is not my cup of tea then I may let you know that I’m struggling. If a book doesn’t work for me its review rating will be diminished and none of us want that. It’s better to be up front and communicative. But I also explain or try to explain exactly WHY I couldn’t get through a book.

How I rate books is entirely up to how I feel. I’m not paid to give my opinion (ohhh wouldn’t that be fantastic). I just read and write what I think about each book. Everyone does it a little different but these are my top 10 things that help me rate a book.

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