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What can you find here? Everything and anything about Disney.

I was a cast member a few years ago and I miss being able to help people save money and find the magic in their vacation. It was so great talking to fabulous people every day! I’m hoping to bring that joy here!

I’m also planning a Disney World trip for May 2015! The extra knowledge will help you & me!

Today: Saving Mr. Banks & Why I loved it!Saving Mr. Banks

Firstly, Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson are such a cute pair! I loved these two in this film. The fact that Colin Farrell and Paul Giametti had pretty good parts too… well that was just the icing on a rather fabulous cake. I knew the actors were fantastic, however, I did not push myself to go see this in theaters. After seeing it I asked myself why but I think I have a few good reasons.

  1. Mary Poppins is my favorite character. Of like all time. I love her!
  2. I was worried the film would not be able to catch the fantastic essence that I’ve come to know and love through the years.
  3. I was also scared to see Walt Disney even in Tom Hanks form.
  4. I am a chicken!

There, I said it. I did not want to go and see it and be disappointed!

I also hate to admit this being the book lover that I am but I did not know the movie was based on books! How terrible is that? Oh had I known I would have raised my daughter on her books. Now I’ll just have to send them to my nieces!

I have to also say that Walt Disney has always reminded me of my grandfather. My grandfather was such a great and loving and a really kind man. He died when I was young and Walt Disney put this special bit of pixie dust in my heart that no one else could have. With all of these working against the movie, how could it live up?

All of that and the movie wound up being spectacular! I mean, of course it did!

The plot was amazing and I loved that we really got to see a little of P.L. Travers is going through. It wound up being so sad that she had such spark with her own father but I imagine that her lovely books would not have shone quite as bright as they did without him to guide her.

It was also quite fun to watch a movie about a movie that I already know so much about (or apparently don’t). Seeing how the story was made and how they edited really gave me even more reason to love it.

Not to spoil anything but this was a tear jerker for me. Of course I cry at commercials so obviously I’m easy. It really did bring out some happiness though. That serene happiness where you don’t even need to think because you know, in the end, life is perfect and is so beautiful the way it is. Walt Disney give that to us every day. He’s seriously the man!

If you have yet to see this one go see it! Especially if you are also a Mary Poppins fan!

Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks? What did you think?

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