Random Disney Randomness! Movie Review: Enchanted

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Random Disney

What can you find here? Everything and anything about Disney.

I was a cast member a few years ago and I miss being able to help people save money and find the magic in their vacation. It was so great talking to fabulous people every day! I’m hoping to bring that joy here!

I’m also planning a Disney World trip for May 2015! The extra knowledge will help you & me!

Today: Enchanted!


What’s funny is this is yet another Disney movie that I thought I would not enjoy. Something about the cartoon turning to human and back to cartoon. I thought it would be too much for me. I wound up buying it for my niece but my sis had already bought her a copy so I thought, ok, plug it into the playstation and let’s do this! My response was this:


The above gif is exactly how I feel about this movie! It takes you away and you cannot do anything but /SWOON!


I thought the characters were very well done for a Disney movie, maybe even more than some. There was a plot, even if Giselle didn’t quite know WHY she wanted to get married that is all she wanted.

The entire plot surrounded that until a few hiccups get into the way. I really just loved all of the actors in this but if I had to name my fav it would definitely be Amy Adams. There is just something about that girl that makes me want to watch her movies. This was definitely no exception, once I watched it anyway!

There is a part where it seems a bit awkward, especially if you don’t like the triangle trope, but I think it was done very well in this. Giselle is just learning what it is to be a human and not a cartoon character. Of course there are going to be some mistakes along the way. I thought it was done very tastefully and was quite happy with the end, even if I was wanting to kick the writers. It just made sense! I also don’t think kids will see what adults see and why an adult maybe would not like they way things turned out. I, for one, loved it!

I go around my house gliding and pretending to be Giselle and writing my hubby notes to remind him to write me notes and sing a whole bunch of songs from this to him. 😀 It’s what every great wife should do! Maybe that’s why he groans when he knows I’ve watched this.

In short: This is a movie that I can watch and rewatch over and over again. Super cute and great for the kids even if they don’t get all of the puns.

What do you think of the triangle in this?

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